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Текст jim and della: Текст для домашнего чтения в 6-7 классах «Two gifts» after O’Henry | Методическая разработка по английскому языку (6, 7 класс) на тему:

Текст для домашнего чтения в 6-7 классах «Two gifts» after O’Henry | Методическая разработка по английскому языку (6, 7 класс) на тему:

The Two Gifts

(after O’Henry)

1.Look at the title, make your guesses about the text , read an check.

     Jim and Della were very poor. They lived in New York In a small room on the top

floor of a high building. Jim was twenty-two years old, Della was twenty-one.

     Both husband and wife worked very hard, but there never was any money in the

house; for all they got went to pay the grocer, the bother, and the baker. And the rent was

$8 a week.

     And yet they owned two treasures of which they were very proud. These treasures

were—Jim’s gold watch, which he received from his father, and Della’s beautiful hair.

     It was the eve of New-Year’s Day. Della wanted to give Jim a present. She counted

her money. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all she had. Only $1.87 to buy a

present for Jim. So she sat down on the sofa and wept. Suddenly she got up and went to

the looking – glass. Her eyes shone brillia tly. Quickly she undid her hair. It reached

below her knees and covered her like a cloak. And then she did it again quickly and

nervously. She put on her old brown hat. Then she ran out of the door and down the stairs

to the street.

     She stopped before a sign and read the words: “M-me Sofranie. Hairgoods of all

kinds”. Then she entered the shop. She saw Madame sitting at the counter. She was fat and

red cheeked.

     “Will you buy my hair?”, asked Della.

     “Let me see it,” said Madame.

     Della took of her hat and undid her hair.

     “Twenty dollars”, said Madame, lifting the mass of Della’s golden hair with a

practiced hand.

     “Give me the money”, said Della…

     The next two hours were like a happy dream. Della hurried from shop looking for

Jim’s present.

     She found it at last. It was a watch chain for which she paid $21. And then she hurried

home with the chain and the remaining 87 cents.

     Jim was not at home. Della got out of curling irons and lighted the gas and went to

work. In forty minutes her head was covered with tiny curls. She looked like a schoolboy.

She said to herself: “I hope Jim not kill me. But what could I do – oh, what could I do

with one dollar and 87 cents.

     At seven o’clock the coffee was ready. Della sat waiting for Jim. She heard his steps

on the stairs, and she turned white for jus one moment. The door opened and Jim entered

the room. He looked thin and very serious… and suddenly Jim stopped. His eyes were

fixed upon Della, and there was an expression in them that terrified her.

     “Jim, darling! She cried, “don’t look at me like that: I sold my hair because I wanted

to give you present. My hair will grow again. It grows very fast. Say ‘A Happy New

Year’, Jim, and let us be happy. You don’t know what a beautiful present I have for you”.

     Jim sighed. He drew a package from his overcoat pocket and threw it on the table.

     “If you open that package, you will understand,” he said.

     Della took off the paper and string. There lay the beautiful combs that Della saw in a

Broadway shop window. Now they were hers, but her hair was gone.

     Suddenly Della jumped and cried:     “Oh, Jim, I shall give you your beautiful present.” She held it out to him upon her open palm.    “Isn’t it a beautiful chain? Give me your watch: I want to see how it looks on it.”     Jim did not obey. He fell on the sofa and put his hands behind his head and smiled.

    “Della”, said he,” I sold the watch to get the money to buy your combs. Is the coffee





  I.Check the words

   gift the

    top floor

     both … and

    work hard

    all they got







    be proud



    shine (shone, shone)

    undo (undid, undone)



    do up (did, done)





    at last


    curling irons



    look like


    turn white

    be fixed



    like that

    let us be


    draw (drew, drown)



    lie (lay, lain)


    her hair was gone

   2. Find the English equivalents for the following words and word combinations

    Use them for retelling:

    и муж, и жена много работали; золотые часы; золотистые волосы; канун Нового

года; купить подарок; зеркало; она распустила волосы; она уложила их; надевать;

она вошла в магазин; продать, купить; счастливый сон; искать подарок; через сорок

минут; крошечные кудряшки; она была похожа на школьника; не смотри на меня

так; они (волосы) растут очень быстро; он вынул пакет; красивые гребёнки; но у неё

не было волос.

  3.Translate into  English:

    1. Джим и Делла были очень бедными.

    2. И муж, и жена работали очень много.

    3. Они владели двумя сокровищами: этими сокровищами были золотые часы и

       прекрасные золотистые волосы Деллы.

    4. Был канун Нового года.

    5. Делла хотела сделать подарок Джиму.

    6. Она продала свои прекрасные волосы, чтобы купить ему цепочку для часов.

    7. Джим продал свои часы, чтобы купить ей красивые гребёнки, которые

       Делла видела в витрине магазина на Бродвее.

4. Групповая работа.Прием карусель для описания героев. На доске выписываются слова  для характеристики   героев .Учащиеся в группе выписывают на листочек , те которые подходят героям и передают по кругу. Затем листочек проходит еще круг , когда ребята проверяют друг друга.


   5. In groups agree or  disagree using the following expression. Correct the wrong  statements. Compare the answers with the other groups:

     I’m afraid that’s wrong.             Боюсь, что это неверно.

    That’s not quite true to the fact.    Это не совсем соответствует факту.

    That’s (quite) right.                 Совершенно верно.

     According o the story…                Согласно рассказу…

    1. Jim and Della lived on the ground floor a low building.

    2. Jim was forty-three years old, Della was forty-one.

    3. Jim and Della were brother and sister.

    4. Jim was proud of his silver watch which he had got from his mother.

    5. Della took off her new brown jacket and undid her hair.

    6. Madam Sofronie was a young woman, thin and pale, she was standing at the

       counter when Della entered the shop.

    7. Della sold her hair because she wanted to buy a new watch for Jim.

  6.Answer the questions in your own words

Здесь можно применить метод « вопросы Блума» (« тонкие» и « толстые» вопросы  )

Учащимся предлагается кинуть кубик или выбрать лепесток ромашки с вопросительным словом или вопросом ( Who.. What, Where , Why , What do you think ) предполагающий разный уровень ответа и понимания текста

    1.Where did Jim and Della live?

   2. How old was Jim and how old was Della?

   3. Were they poor?

   4. What were their “treasures”?

   5. What did Della want to give Jim?

   6. Why did she weep?

   7. What did Della do to get some money?

   8. What did she buy?

   9. What did she do when he came home?

   10. What did she look like in forty minutes?

   11. What did Della say when Jim saw her?

   12. What did they both feel?

Della and Jim part 1 Раскадровка по fer_

Della and Jim part 1 Раскадровка по fer_

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Текст Раскадровки

  • Della and Jim newly married
  • Extremely proud
  • Christmas
  • Della and Jim Young, newly married, were poor.
    Jim ́s wage was enough to rent only a very small apartment.
  • Gifts
  • But there were two things of which each was extremely proud. Della had the longest and most beautiful hair in all New York, thought Jim, as he watched her combing it; and Jim possessed a magnificent gold pocket – watch, given to him by his father.
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas was drawing near, and Jim and Della began to think what presentsthey could afford to give each other.
  • Wonderful idea
  • Hair bought
  • Della always noticed sadly, when Jim looked athis watch, that it was fixed to the button – hole of his coat by a common old leather strap. He really needed a gold chain. And Jim often thought as he looked at Della doing her long hair, how well it would look if only he could buy her a jewelled comb to hold it in place. But a gold watch chain or a jewelled hair – comb would have cost far more money than either of them possessed.
  • Now it was Christmas Eve. With tearful eyes Della had counted the moneyshe had saved for Jim ́s Christmas present for the tenth time: 87 cents. “If only I knew …”
  • If only I knew…
  • Then suddenly she had a wonderful idea! Hurriedly putting on her old hat and coat, she ran down the street to the shop with the notice “Hair bought”.

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