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Презентация на английском языке о моде – Презентация по английскому языку на тему «Мода» (9 класс)

«Fashion» — презентация по английскому


Hohlova Anna – 311-2/1  

History of fashion design

The history of fashion is as old as the history of costume. People’s clothes weren’t only their cover, but their symbol. Even an amulet was a piece of clothes because it was like a bridge between a bare human body and surrounding world. What a person chooses to wear can reflect that person’s personality or likes. When people who have cultural status start to wear new or different clothes a fashion trend may start. People who like or respect them may start to wear clothes of a similar style. This is an example list of some trends of the 21st century: Capri pants, handbags, sport suits and sports jackets, ripped jeans, designer jeans, blazer jackets, and high-heeled shoes.

The first fashion designer

The first fashion designer who was not simply a dressmaker was Charles Frederick Worth (1826–1895). Before he created a House of Fashion in Paris, Worth made designs of court clothes. Worth’s success was such that he was able to dictate to his customers what they should wear, instead of following their lead as earlier dressmakers had done. The term couturier was in fact first created in order to describe him. It was during this period that many design houses began to hire artists to sketch or paint designs for clothes.

XIX- epoch

Colors:   Brown- [ braʊn ]              White  — [ waɪt ]         Gray- [ ɡreɪ ]               Black- [ blæk ]               Beige  — [ beɪʒ ]                  

 Golden  -[ ˈɡəʊldən ]

ХХ- epoch


Colors: Emerald  — [ ˈemərəld ]  Olive  — [ ˈɒlɪv ] Silver  — [ ˈsɪlvə ]  Khaki  -[ ˈkɑːki ]  Dark -[ dɑːk ] Pale- peɪl ]


Plain spotted fur ruffle


1 A-line dress 2 baby doll dress 3 ball gown 4 empire waist dress 5 blouse 6 polo shirt 7 chemise

Beret stockingsgloves [glʌvz]


1 Anorak 2 jacket, coat 3 striped 4 sweater, pullover, slip-over,bell-bottomed trousers 5 slacks 6 circular skirt 7 mini, mini-skirt


1 pencil skirt 2 raincoat, waterproof  3 windcheater, windbreaker 4 braces 5 knee-length socks 6 batwing sleeve, dolman sleeve 7 artificial leather 8 chiffon 9 patent leather 10 velvet 11 striped


low-rise jeans rinser jeans plus-fours laces denim  corduroy nylon checked polka dot floral


Cockade Crocheted Goffer  Lapel Leatherette Openwork(ed) Satin stitch

Speckled Stockinet Tartan

Fashion Quiz: heavy weight,solid–colored ,striped



Trendy: Acetate,Putty,looped lace, heels,amaranth,carmine,burgundy,fire brick ,maroon,magenta,rose madder,Tuscan red,apricot,champagne,dark salmon,bistre,sandy brown,taupe,wheat,lemon chiffon,pale gold,titanium yellow,cinereous,purple taupe,rose quartz,cornsilk,apple green,mint cream,cerulean,verdigris

Creativ style: lavender mist,orchid,wisteria,cerise pink ,Persian pink,rose tea rose,lawn green,clover,mustard

Natural style

Dramatic style





Fashion King


All in all

Fashion is an inseparable part of our life and there are no bad points in purchasing expensive designer clothes if you can afford it.

История моды (английский язык) + презентация

Good afternoon. My name is ______________. I study at school number ___ at 9th grade.

1 слайд: People have always wanted to look nice and socially accepted. This is when fashion helps. What’s Fashion? Fashion is a style of clothing that is popular at certain time. The main idea of my project is to show what place in our life fashion occupies.

2 слайд: A fashion has existed since ancient times. At first it was clothes from animals skin.

3 слайд:In Tudor Times children wore the same style of clothing as their parents.But in the 18th century children were no longer thought of as small grown-ups, but as people with special needs.And fashion helped to make children fashionable.

4 слайд: Then fashion developed. New fabrics appeared and people began to sew different clothes and create new styles. In old days fashion reflected a person’s social class more than his or her personality.

Things have changed over the years and now the inner self is more in the center of fashion.

5 слайд:So why is fashion so popular? First of all, fashion makes people creative on everyday basis. To choose what to wear and what fits with it makes a person think and use creativity.

But Costume and Fashion history would not be the same without Haute couture.What is Haute Couture? Haute Couture is a French phrase.  Couture means dressmaking and haute means elegant or high.So the two words imply excellent artistry with the making of garments.

6 слайд:The history of Haute Couture is rather interesting. The modern industry of fashion houses has started not so long ago. One of the founder of the Haute Couture industry was Coco Chanel.She believed that woman had the right to wear comfortable clothing.Throughout the long days of her life she made the first sketches of the fashion, which later was known as «style of Coco Chanel.» She created her famous «little black dress», little hat and perfumes, notably, Chanel No. 5

7 слайд:Valentino is a designer who has successfully combined the couture of Paris and Italy together. He has established himself as one of the greatest designers, with a very beautiful and feminine style

8 слайд: Calvin Klein is one of the world’s leading lifestyle design and marketing companies. Calvin Klein Collection is the most prestigious brand. The man’s and woman’s collections are produced and distributed in big stores of New York, Moscow and Paris.

9 слайд: Today London is recognized as one of the capitals of fashion, so everybody follows the standards set by well-known fashion houses, situated there.

What clothes do people wear in England? As the UK is a western society — they wear the same as any other modern western society — ranging from Jeans and T-shirts to full business suits for office work. Special clothes for the climate include heavy overcoats or anoraks for cold weather, raincoats and umbrellasfor weather rain.

10слайд:What’s about English children? When they are relaxing at home or out or playing with their friends theywear comfortable clothes like T-shirts, jeans and sportswear. The right clothes are very important to teenagers, and a lot of them love to shop for the latest fashions.

11слайд: At school most children wear a school uniform. In some schools children must wear jackets and ties. In other schools uniform is more casual.

12 слайд:What do you think about the role of the Queen in the development of British Fashion? Not only the famous designers but also the English Queen influences the fashion in Britain.

13 слайд: The Queen is said to take a great interest in her hats. Why? It is important for her face to be seen from all angles. These hats offered Queen an opportunity to have fun with fashion that was denied to other elements of her royal clothing.

14слайд:Princess Diana was loved and respected by millions of people around the world. She gained confidence in her own fashion style. Diana became an icon in fashion history.

15слайд:Nowadays the youth has non- standard style. Fashion is revealing. Sometimes clothes reveal what groups people are in: «goths, emo,skaters, preps, herbs.» For example, emo.Almost all their clothes are black-pink. They have tatoos, black or white hair, big trainers, tight jeans-“dudochki” ,jacket and T-shirts. More often they wear decorations such as Kitties.

And, for example,Goths. They wear: stiff corsets, dresses and skirts in the style of the XIX century, made of velvet and silk. Clothes are decorated with chains with different symbols. Shoes: bertsy, boots on platform with metal.

16 слайд:Life in modern society is far more controlled by fashion than people realize. The style we choose to maintain is influenced by TV, fashion magazines, blogs, posters and billboards, etc.Fashion is a language which tells a story about the person who wears it. «Clothes create a wordless means of communication that we all understand,» according to Katherine Hamnett, a top British fashion designer.What do business people love to wear? You can see-Men: Jackets, Shirts, Ties, Trousers, costumes with watches and a pen in a pocker jacket.

Women like to wear: Dresses, Costumes,shoes stockings. Accessories: gold finery, bags, not a bright make — up.

17 слайд:But fashion trends are existing not only in clothes but there are hairstyle trends too. For example high forehead go back to the Renaissance. To be stylish, fashionable women shove their hairs and eyebrows.

18слайд:Some people are crazy on fashion, some other people don’t worry about their appearance. Some people argue that our clothes should be similar to our soul, and it is not necessary to spend amounts of money on designer clothes. Other people believe that fashionable clothes reflect our soul greatly, besides it is extremely good looking.There are lots of people who critic fashion, however they also follow fashion.

All in all, fashion is an inseparable part of our lifeand we shouldn’t forget: we are what we wear.

Презентация на тему Fashion (Мода)

Презентацию на тему Fashion (Мода) можно скачать абсолютно бесплатно на нашем сайте. Предмет презентации : Английский язык. Красочные слайды и илюстрации помогут вам заинтересовать своих одноклассников или аудиторию. Для просмотра содержимого презентации воспользуйтесь плеером, или если вы хотите скачать презентацию — нажмите на соответствующий текст под плеером. Презентация содержит 7 слайдов.

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Слайды презентации

Слайд 1

The presentation «Fashion»

pupil 8 classes »B» of the secondary school number 33

Слайд 2

A fashion was existing since ancient times. At first it was clothes from animals skin.

Then fashion was become developing. Fabric was appeared and peoples began to sew difficult clothes and created new styles.

Слайд 3

In Tudor Times, for example, children wore the same style of clothing as their parents.

But in the 18th century children were no longer thought of as small grown-ups, but as people with special needs.

Слайд 4

For example high forehead go back to the Renaissance. To be stylish, woman of fashion was shave their hair and eyebrow.

But a fashion trends are existing not only in clothes but there are hairstyle trends too.

Слайд 5

Some peoples are crazy on fashion and some other people don’t worry about their appearance. I think that every people must care about themselves. Because ancient Russian proverb says «Judge not of men and things at first sight». If you are looking untidily, you can be unnoticed by other peoples. And nobody no want have business with you. Because if you treat without respect to yourself, you will treat to work too.

Слайд 6

Coco Chanel was a revolutioner in world of fashion. In 20 century was in fashion magnificent dresses, lace, corset and big hat. She created her famous «little black dress» and little hat. Her visit card was one big artificial flower. Usually it was red.

Слайд 7

Her rule was to create beautiful, comfortable and accessible for all women clothes. But at first her new style understood not everybody. She was seen strange and unfashionable for many people. But later she win respect of the most famous people of Paris. Step by step she became famous around the world.

Список похожих презентаций

Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (10 класс) на тему: British Fashion

Слайд 1


Слайд 2

England — the country, the mention of which is associated with the concept — “tradition», «foundations», «quality», and commonly referred to as «old and good», today is the style and creates modern fashion trends.

Слайд 3

London — one of the main cities in the world where fashion is born. Many streets of London ancient traditions live together with trendy trends, here is the place for conservative and reserved for the classics and for the most unexpected and bizarre innovative ideas.

Слайд 4

Epochs and styles, interacting with each other, creating the very famous English street fashion for which the inherent desire for individuality, originality and looseness, coupled with an absolute tolerance. The clothes from England you can combine everything that comes to mind! Appearance — this is a private matter. Nobody will inspect and whisper behind your back.

Слайд 5

People are used to the fact that in England thriving fashion industry,which is create and sell a variety of things, and of sufficient quality, so the attitude to the clothes they are more than comfortable.

Слайд 6

In the late 18th century London was the capital of men’s fashion. The bourgeoisie has created the light classics — coats, frock, leather briefcases, and of course, hats. The famous dandy was one of the first who began to set the tone for the high society. Combination of classical and avant-garde turned male English casual clothes in trend. Eg English brand Gloverall now produces now the classic military officers dafla that is still very popular. But there is a constant English classics in the flesh. That will not change any age or style. This Burberry: the world-famous cell that does not rest either male or female part of the world. In most cases, a classic in England now — this is no experiment. Neither the color nor the cut. Suit or a sweater under the neck, pants with arrows, coats and sometimes — an umbrella.

Слайд 7

CLASSIC Once the favorite pastime was hunting the English aristocracy. I think you do not need to tell you that it is very energy-intensive, so the clothing should be comfortable and practical. Walk in with anything aristocrat ought not, therefore, have had to adapt suburban entertainment urban clothing. Prim jacket was too long for riding — it was shortened and turned into a frock. The same thing happened with a shirt — it is more voluminous. Such clothing gave much more freedom of movement. Pants also became narrower and more practical. British Isles did not act like a lush fashion, coming from France, and changed all their own way with their usual uporstvomTsveta clothes were kept – then bright chemical dyes have not been, designers used natural fabrics natural shades. The use of black in the locker room is a tribute to the practicality of a gentleman (the English in general are very practical.)

Слайд 8

Vintage But there is another side to the English men’s fashion. Following the classic vintage appeared. He burst into fashion in the mid-20th century so rapidly that virtually all collections of famous designers included elements of vintage fashion (see photo gallery). Love for all things vintage — an attempt to revive the trend of previous years: excessive waist, colorful shirt and moccasins worn briefcases straight from the 60’s. English dandies set an example around the world, taking the habit of going for shopping is not shopping malls, flea markets in Portobello and Kemdone. Top designers often visit such markets. Dndi that were in the 19th century and remained in London and in the 21st century. Slightly modified appearance: it is now cuffed shorts or pants with perfect hands and slightly shorter, or colored plaid shirt, sunglasses Ray Ban, with blind black lenses, coat or cape, or a classic leather jacket, leather jackets, old school shoes or moccasins. Wardrobe modern dandy — a trendsetter — can be replenished depending on the popularity of a particular era: punk, rave, house, techno — it’s the 80’s and 90’s, David Bowie — this is the 70’s, David Niven — 40 th , James Dean, 50’s, The Beatles — 60th.

Слайд 10

CASUAL But there is a «boundary» in the style of English fashion. If you do not like classical or extravagant vintage, in Britain there is casual. He is far from the fashion trends and is designed for the half of the English and their followers, who preferred fashion comfort. Sports bags, jeans, sweaters and pullovers — the theater, the museum, for a run. These Brits look back in disgust at trendy flea flea and sadly look like a young man with a bright bow tie instead of a classic paces on Piccadilly.

Слайд 11

Surely, you think that the British fashion prim. But this is misleading. Britain is still one of the major trendsetters!

Слайд 12

СЛАЙД СОЗДАН: Ученицей 10 класса «А» МБОУ сош №33 Пимановой Валентиной

Презентация к уроку «Fashion» — английский язык, презентации

Fashion –what is it

«Fashion is capricious and changeable» Coco Chanel

Fashion is something that at a certain time is the most popular

Непостижимая Коко…

30-е годы 20 века можно смело назвать «Эпохой Шанель». Непостижимая Шанель совершила революцию в моде, придав женщине современный облик.

Одежда от Шанель поражала чистотой и строгостью линий. Коко ввела в моду короткую стрижку для женщин. Придумала сумочку через плечо, металлическую бижутерию, цепочки. Очень популярны духи «Шанель №5» , маленькое черное платье и искусственный жемчуг.


«A small black dress»

Восточные мотивы.

В 70-е г. с «вторжением» восточного

мира в европейский стиль одежды,

начинается успешная деятельность

японцев Кензо Такада, Митсухиро

Матсуда, Йоджи Ямомото (Yohji Yamamoto)

Они создают оригинальную европейскую

Моду и работают с элементами

традиционной восточной одежды.

Кензо вносит в европейскую моду

даже элементы сельского восточно —

европейского костюма.

Silhouette — the external shape of any object, its «shadow».

It aims to identify the advantages of a figure and smooth out defects

Силуэт — внешние очертания любого предмета, его «тень».

Он призван выявить достоинства фигуры и сгладить недостатки












semi lying

The straight silhouette

The most versatile, it can be recommended for all ages and shapes.

Наиболее универсальный, его можно рекомендовать для всех возрастов и фигур.

The fitted silhouette

Отличает расширенная линия плеча, низа изделия и зауженная талия

The semi lying silhouette

Slightly emphasizes the form.

Слегка подчеркивает формы фигуры

Silhouette « trapeze »

The extension comes from the shoulder or arm holes.


происходит от линии плеча или проймы.

Style – is a compliance of clothes, footwear, accessories each other and to appointment . Стиль –соответствие одежды, обуви , аксессуаров друг другу и месту назначения.

The modern styles:





Classic style

differs emphasized severity and elegance;

having arisen last century, it remains fashionable and in modern clothes.

отличается подчеркнутой строгостью и элегантностью;

возникнув в прошлом веке, он остается модным и в современной одежде.

Sport`s style

clothes of this style are of a free form;

provides convenience in movement;

is suitable both for work, and for rest.

одежда этого стиля свободной формы;

обеспечивает удобство в движении;

подходит как для работы, так и для отдыха.

Romantic style

emphasizes feminity;

various finishing are inherent: flounces, ruches, laces, embroidery;

fabrics — air, brilliant, streaming.

подчеркивает женственность;

присущи различные отделки: воланы, рюши, кружева, вышивка;

ткани — воздушные, блестящие, струящиеся.


Casual style

Fits for every day

Do we need to follow the fashion?Обязательно ли следовать моде?

Мода –

это мир вокруг нас

fashion –is a world around us

Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему: Урок английского языка по теме мода.

Класс: 8

Предмет: английский язык

УМК: “English-8”, авт. Кузовлев В.П. и др. – М.: Просвещение, 2008

Тема учебного занятия: “What was in Fashion in the Past?”

Место урока в учебно-тематическом плане – Unit6 «Changing times, changing styles».

Продолжительность учебного занятия: 40 минут

Тип учебного занятия: урок

Тип  урока: Урок общеметодологической направленности

План урока: 

  1. Организационный момент.
  2. Постановка темы урока, сообщение цели.
  3. Актуализация ранее изученного лексического  материала
  4. Работа с учебником.
  5.  Актуализация новых лексических единиц
  6. Тренировка навыков говорения

7. Подведение итогов, задание на дом. Рефлексия.


Ход урока

Цель: коммуникативно — речевое развитие учащихся через сообщение  знаний об истории  молодёжной  моды.


Речевая компетенция:  развивать произносительные навыки диалогической речи, навыки чтения  с полным пониманием прочитанного и навыки  письма.

Языковая компетенция: доводить до автоматизации употребление в речи лексических единиц  по теме  «Fashion in the Past».

Социокультурная компетенция:  познакомить  с некоторыми фактами из истории молодежной моды XXвека;

Компенсаторная компетенция: развивать  языковые  догадки и воображения, творческое  мышление, память.

Учебно-познавательная компетенция:  развивать навыки работы с текстом, умение выделять основную информацию из прочитанного об основных  модных традициях.

Развивающий аспект–развитие способности к догадке по аналогии с родным языком, по контексту и словообразовательным элементам; развитие умения классифицировать по определенному признаку; развитие умения пользоваться словарем;

Воспитательный аспект–формирование положительного отношения к фактам иноязычной культуры, в частности к модным тенденциям в одежды в разные периоды времени;

Оснащение: презентация, индивидуальные рабочие листы для учащихся.

Ход урока

  1. Организационный момент

Teacher: Good morning, boys and girls!

Students: Good morning!

Teacher: Glad to see you! How are you today?

Students: Fine? Thanks. And you?

Teacher: Very well? Thank you.

  1. Сообщение целей урока

На доске иллюстрации с изображением различных предметов одежды, вырезки из журналов мод и рекламные постеры. Презентация.

 Teacher: Look at the pictures and say what we are going to speak about today.

Students: We are going to speak about clothes.

Teacher: (1 слайд) That’s true. Today we are starting to speak about clothes, fashion styles and some interesting facts from the history of youth fashion of  XX century.

 (2 слайд) First of all I’d like you to answer some questions:

  • Are you fond of fashion?
  • What clothes do you prefer?
  • Who usually chooses clothes for you?
  • Is it important to wear proper clothes?
  • Do you like people’s clothes in the streets?

3.Повторение лексики по теме “Clothes”

  Teacher: (3слайд) Let’s remember the words on the topic “Clothes”. Look at the board. Try to remember the names of the things you see. Match the pictures and the words.

Учащиеся подбирают слова к иллюстрациям.

4.Работа с текстом

  Teacher: In Britain people followed different fashion tendencies in different periods of history. During the 1950s a new market grouping called teenagers was created and fashion was becoming more and more focused on youth. Please, open your books at page 152. Look at the photos which show youth fashion from the middle of the 1950s up to the present moment and read the text. Which picture illustrates which period?

   Учащиеся читают текст с целью полного понимания, которое осуществляется благодаря тому, что новые ЛЕ даны с переводом, о значении других, выделенных курсивом, учащиеся догадываются по аналогии с родным языком и иллюстрированной наглядности. Затем учащиеся отвечают на поставленный перед текстом вопрос.

      5.Активизация новых ЛЕ

   Teacher: Read the words in a chain and translate them into Russian.

Учащиеся читают новые ЛЕ по цепочке, стараются догадаться о значении некоторых по контексту, иллюстрациям и словообразовательным элементам.

 Teacher: (4 слайд) What clothes did the young people wear in Britain in different periods of time? What were the clothes like? Copy the word web and fill it in.

   Задание направлено на автоматизацию лексических навыков. Учащиеся выписывают из текста ЛЕ и классифицируют их по заданным категориям. Они просматривают текст с целью поиска запрашиваемой информации, еще раз соотносят образ нового слова с его значением и заполняют соответствующие графы/ячейки. После выполнения этого этапа задания ученики по очереди зачитывают выписанные по группам слова и сверяют списки.

Teacher: Read through the text again and answer the following questions:

 — What was in fashion for girls in the 1950s?

— What pieces of clothing came into fashion for girls in the 1960s?

— What pieces of clothing were trendy for young men in the 1960s?

— What did people do with their clothes to look fashionable in the late 1960s in the mid-1970s?

— In what period did people follow the hippie style?

— What kind of footwear was trendy in the early 1970s?

— What did people wear to be up to date with the fashion in the 1970s?

— What period of time was sportswear in fashion?

— When did shoulder-padded shirts go out (of fashion)?

— Are leggings out of fashion today?

    Учащиеся читают вслух ответы на вопросы, при этом особое внимание следует обращать на устойчивые выражения со словом  fashion. Вопросы раскрывают все содержание текста и направлены на проверку его понимания. Вопросы сформулированы таким образом, что проверка понимания новых ЛЕ и словосочетаний осуществляется с помощью знакомых синонимичных слов и

выражений. О значении ЛЕ  to go out of fashion и to be out of fashion учащиеся догадываются по контексту.

6.Тренировка навыков говорения

Teacher: (5 слайд) Match the picture and the period of time.

   Данное задание продублировано упражнением 3 в  Student’s Worksheet. Учащиеся самостоятельно заполняют таблицу, проверку можно осуществить устно. Возможны следующие варианты ответа:

…    is                                     1950s

       are        typical for the     1960s

       was                                  1970s

       were                                 1980s


                                                present moment.

   Образец высказывания можно зафиксировать на доске.

Teacher: (6 слайд) Fashion is changing all the time. What is in and out of fashion at the present moment?

   Упражнение подстановочного характера. Учащиеся выражают свои мнения, подставляя в образец новые ЛЕ по своему усмотрению.

Teacher: (7 слайд) Which pieces of clothing would you (not) like to have?

   Упражнение можно выполнить устно, в этом случае ученики самостоятельно готовят высказывания и после 2-3 минутной подготовки отвечают на вопрос. Высказываниям можно придать форму диалога: в этом случае ученики могут работать в парах и задавать подходящие по смыслу вопросы после первых трех реплик ( о том, что нравится), например:  And what would YOU like to have/to wear? What do YOU dislike most of all?

       7.Подведение итогов

Учитель подводит итоги урока, сообщает домашнее задание:

1. Учебник, упр.3 стр154 (сообщение о тенденциях моды в разные периоды в России)

2. ЛЕ стр153

Урок английского языка в 8 классе

По теме: “What was in Fashion in the Past?”


учитель английского языка

                                                       МБОУ СОШ № 11 г.Азова

                                                                    Миронова А.В.

Презентация к уроку по английскому языку (11 класс) по теме: Презентация «Современная молодежная мода»

Слайд 1

Teenagers’ fashion in the UK and Russia

Слайд 2

Uniform Girls The famous shops Boys Fashion in the UK Use only the latest brands use expensive clothes and clothes from second-hand Don’t care about fashion Old Navy Marshalls Abercrombie and Fitch

Слайд 3

What is fashion? Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most of people. A fashion usually remains popular for about 1-3 years and then it is replaced by another fashion. Even though there are a lot of changes in fashion, most people do not easily except the changes. Who dictates fashion? Movies Musicians and other cultural icons political figures and royalty. Folks The famous French King Louis XIV said that fashion is a mirror

Слайд 4

There are many reasons we wear what we wear: Protection from cold, rain and snow Physical attraction Emotions Religious expression Identification and tradition:

Слайд 5

What is your attitude towards fashion? A) I don’t care about it B) I prefer wearing clothes which are fashionable C) I can wear cheap clothes and match them with expensive ones.

Слайд 6

What is your attitude towards fashion? A) I don’t care about it B) I prefer wearing clothes which are fashionable C) I can wear cheap clothes and match them with expensive ones.

Слайд 7

Useful phrases: Expressing preferences: I really like/ love/ … V ing I’m (not) keen on I prefer… Ving I hate Ving In my opinion… To my mind… From my point of view Expressing likes/ dislikes I am crazy about it I find it enjoyable I am really into it I don’t fancy Ving It/s cool/ great/ brilliant

Слайд 8

Goth s. They prefer wearing high boots black or vinyl trousers, vinyl raincoats, as in film Matrix; Girls can wear mini-skirts. striped socks

Слайд 9

Emo The most typical cloth Narrow, covering t-shirt. The Narrow jeans black or ashen-blue colour. Black or rose belt with rivet The Sneakers with bright or black lace, laced by special way.

Слайд 10

Punks. The Suitable town cloth: t-shirt (often black colour), jacket (usually ‘kosuha’’), jeans , sneakers , heavy shoes. The Cloth is often torn.

Слайд 11

Answer the questions : — What is the subject of this program? -What shops and shopping malls did the speaker talk about? — What is his favourite shop? What style of clothes are there? — What kind of shop is “Vtoroe dyhanie”? — What kind of department store is Tsum? — Who is the face of Dennis Basso’s company? -What designer did H&M work with? -What kind of style did Dennis Simachev develop? — What advantages are there in discount shops?

Слайд 12

Teenagers’ fashion The UK — Teenagers views on fashion School’s Uniform Famous shops and brands Russia

Слайд 13

S. Maugham said: “ The well dressed man is he whose clothes you never notice”

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