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Тесты по английскому языку 9 класс с ответами – Тест по английскому языку (9 класс) по теме: Тесты по английскому языку для учащихся старших классов

Тесты по Английскому языку для 9 класса

Тесты по «Английскому языку» для 9 класса

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Тест по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему: Тесты для подготовки к итоговой аттестации в 9 классе по английскому языку

Test 5


Раздел 2. (задания по чтению)


A  However, some people become so insecure because of unfair judgment passed on them based on their appearance, that they actually begin using their appearance as a tool to hide who they really are. That’s unnatural and the person they turn into ends up being quite unlikable to those outside their group most of the time. We were all born the way we were for a reason. Granted, it may be a reason we don’t yet understand, but there is a reason and instead of trying to run from our differences and fit in with everyone else, we should understand who we are. That will bring us that much closer to finding the answer, to why we are the way we are.

B  Aries – is mostly of medium height and athletically built. The head and forehead are standing out. Eyebrows are bushy. His temper is fiery. Such person is a ground breaker in everything. He is very active and energetic, prefers to act then think of his deeds. The head injuries may take place.

C  With all of the character customization options that you get with Skyrim, it’s easy to go overboard and choose an appearance that seems exciting at first, but that quickly loses its appeal. If you’ve already invested dozens of hours in your character, earned a ton of gold, and completed numerous quests, it’s not surprising if you don’t want to go back and do it all over again with a new character just to change the way you look. Fortunately, there is a way to change your character’s name and appearance later in the game by using the console. You can also use this to change your sex if you want, just don’t change your race!

D  When he was forty-one years of age Wesley was described by Dr. Kennicott as being “neither tall nor fat. … His black hair, quite smooth and parted very exactly, added to a peculiar composure in his countenance, showed him to be an uncommon man.” Tyerman says, “In person Wesley was rather below the middle size, but beautifully proportioned, without an atom of superfluous flesh; yet muscular and strong, with a forehead clear and smooth, a bright penetrating eye, and a lovely face, which retained the freshness of its complexion to the latest period of his life.”

E  Hello, I was wondering does anyone know if it’s possible to get the Cleric armour appearance from the character creation screen? I’ve found that you can get ones similar to it by buying or finding half plates that have the full plate icon, but I haven’t found the exact appearance so far. It’s the one with the chain robe and the armoured shoulders and neck piece with the tabard over the top, it’s really a driving incentive for me to find this armour if possible, also does anyone know if the Paladin armour from the character creation screen exists in the game? I play on the Sarlona server and my character is named Grimand Oathhammer, if anyone has either of these armours and they are sellable, would they be willing to sell or trade with me?

F  If you are good, personality comes naturally. No matter what color, race or religion you belong to, if you are a good human being, you will never be alone. All you need is to believe in what you do, and do it with complete dedication, honesty and love. And, your efforts will be rewarded. If you are good at something, believe in your talent, don’t look back. If you want to, you can! This is the kind of confidence, you get when you believe in your strengths and values. Every individual is a different package and everyone has a personality.

G  Appearance speaks a lot for you than personality. For instance when you appear for an interview, the interviewer will judge your appearance before he gets to know your personality. Suppose you are meeting your potential in-laws for the first time, you are dressed in a dirty jeans, sandals and shaggy hair, believe me you will not a get a wife! You need to look presentable for you to be taken seriously. First of all from the description above, you will be expressing yourself as a disorganized person. I think appearance is very important.










Why Some Don’t Care About Their Appearance

Despite the extremely superficial nature of this society there are still people who are able to avoid the notion that you have to adapt to a particular standard of beauty mainly because they are comfortable in their own skin. To outsiders it might appear that these individuals don’t care at all what they look like when the reality is that they simply have different priorities, and so even if their appearance doesn’t feature very highly on their list it doesn’t mean that they give no consideration to their appearance whatsoever.

For some individuals appearance is extremely important because it gives them an edge. They may already feel confidence when they are with colleagues and friends, but looking good gives them the extra boost they need.

Other people don’t attribute that much importance to appearances, especially if they have a laid-back attitude, are confident in themselves, and don’t have a job which requires power-dressing. This doesn’t mean they don’t care about their appearance; just that they have better things to do with their time than dressing up when all they are going to do is sit behind a desk all day.

Some people do care about their appearance, although it may not look that way to others. There are individuals who possess their own unique sense of style, which might entail showing off their tattoos and piercings, as well as wearing clothes which don’t seem to go together and look rather scruffy. However, these individuals may well belong to their own ‘tribe’ and this is their uniform. As far as their fellow ‘members’ are concerned they are one of them, and are dressed to reflect this. The rest of the world might think these individuals don’t care about their appearance, but usually the opposite is true.

Of course, there are those who really don’t care what they look like, and usually justifiably so. If you’re homeless, have a drink or drug problem, or a mental health issue, you can be forgiven for not making your appearance a priority.

Unfortunately, everybody is judged by their appearance in this society, so that if you don’t fit in with what is expected you are usually written off as being a bit weird. Everybody has their ups and downs, though, and surely nobody spends every second of their life trying to look their best. There are occasions when you’re sick or are grieving and feel down, so that the last thing on your mind is your appearance. Only the people closest to you are able to judge if you are ‘yourself’ or not, though, since strangers see you for a split second without comprehending how you are feeling at any given moment.

Most people do care about their appearance when they are in good spirits and things are going well in their life because they want to demonstrate that they belong to this society, which generally means conforming to certain standards in terms of their appearance. There may be some who decide to ignore convention, but these tend to be in the minority, while very few individuals don’t care at all what others think about the way they look.

A 7         Some people don’t care about their looks as they find it unimportant.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 8        For some people good appearance means additional points in their salary.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 9        There are people who think dressing up is useless for their job.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 10        Tattoos and piercings can be taken as a sign of haut couture.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated


A 11        Some people don’t look proper but the same as their friends.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 12        Men are usually preoccupied by bigger problems than appearance.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 13        Only strangers can make a just decision about your look.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

A 14         Few people are inattentive to the norms of appearance in society.

        1) True                2) False                 3) Not stated

Раздел 3. (задания по грамматике и лексике)










How to Change Your  _______ Name and Appearance

________ your character’s appearance, open the console by pressing ~, which ______ in the top left corner of standard North American keyboards. ______ showrace menu in the console and hit Enter. This will pull up the character creation screen that you saw when you first ______ your character. Press the ~ again to close the console so that you can start _______ changes.

You can change anything about your character’s appearance, ______ your gender, but you can’t change your character’s race without _______ your stats (Magicka, Health, Stamina, skills, and sometimes your level). When you are done, just select ‘Done’. You _______ to re-enter your character’s name and the game will resume.
















There’s a lot of truth to the old ______, “Beauty is only skin deep.”  When they are in their prime, physically beautiful people often have no trouble attracting opportunities.  They are often the envy of their peers, who perceive that they live _____ lives and don’t have to deal with the problems that more ordinary-looking people do.  But the cruel fact of the matter is that a person’s appearance is always changing, and usually not for the better.  For that reason and several others, I think a person’s _______ is ultimately much more important than their appearance.  However, that doesn’t mean that maintaining one’s appearance is not important.     

Being good looking and taking pride in one’s appearance can be very worthwhile.  I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing for a person to pay attention to their ______ and dress, particularly when their aim is to impress someone.  There’s no doubt that being attractive and _______ will help a person get noticed and make it more likely that they will be given that chance to impress.  Many people are turned off by those who are dirty and ______, or obviously don’t take any pride in their appearance.  







Раздел 4 (задания по письму)

You have 30 minutes to do this task.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend Maurice.

White a letter to him and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Раздел 2

Задание В3

8 – extra

















Задание А7–А14

A7 –1; A8 – 3; A9 – 1; A10 – 2; A11 – 1; A12 – 3; A13 – 2; A14 – 1.        

Раздел 3

Задание В4–В12

B4 – Character’s; B5 – To change; B6 – is located; B7 – Type; B8 – created; B9 – making; B10 – including; B11 – messing up; B12 – will be prompted.

Задания В13-В18

B13 – saying; B14 – charmed; B15 – personality; B16 – grooming; B17 – appealing; B18 – unkempt.

Раздел 4

Задание С1

Dear Maurice,

I’m happy to receive a letter from you. I hope everything’s ok. It may be right to show only beautiful people on TV as you think. They really look attractive and may enlarge the audience of the programme. But it may turn out that good looks are the only thing they have. But that is not enough for a good show to be the best.

As for your party it is a chance for you to check whether appearance is everything or not. Anyway you should wear something you find beautiful, some smart dress, but no champagne. It can only spoil everything.

See you soon,


❺ Английский язык 9 класс

Тест по английскому языку для 9 класса

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комплексный тест для 9 класса английский язык

Комплексный тест для 9 класса (английский язык)

Reading Comprehension Test

The Bald Eagle

In 1782 soon after the United States of America won its independence, the bald eagle was chosen as the national bird of the new country. American leaders wanted the eagle to be a symbol of their country because it is a bird of strength and courage. They chose the bald eagle because it was found all over North America.

Today, the bald eagle has almost disappeared from the country. In 1972 there were only 3,000 bald eagles in the entire United States. The reason of reduction of population of birds is pollution, especially pollution of the rivers by pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals used to kill insects and other animals that attack and destroy crops. Unfortunately, rain often washes pesticides into rivers. Pesticides pollute the rivers and poison the fish. Eagles eat these fish and then the eggs eagles lay are not healthy. The eggs have very thin shells and do not hatch. Many eggs did not hatch and produce more eagles and the number of eagles quickly became smaller.

Today, the American government and the American people are trying to protect the bald eagle. The number of bald eagles is slowly increasing. It now appears that the American national bird will survive.

1). Choose meaning of the underlined words

1. In 1972 there were only 3.000 bald eagles in the entire United States.
a) whole b) central c) western
2. The reason of reduction of population of birds was

a) other animals b) dirty air and water c) people
3. The eggs have thin shells and do not hatch.
a) open b) fly c) smash
4. Eagles lay only two or three eggs a year.
a) eat b) produce c) deserve
5.Pesticides kill animals that attack and destroy crops.
a) insects b) plants c) flowers
6. In not appears that the American national bird will survive.
a) die b) fly away c)live


2).Choose the correct answers.

1. Why was the bald eagle chosen as the symbol of the United States?
a) It was the cause of the American independence.
b) In began to disappear.
c) American leaders chose it because it is a bird of strength and courage, and it was found all over North America.
2. Why has the bald eagle almost disappeared from the country.
a) Because in 1972 there were only 3.000 bald eagles in the entire United States.

b) The bald eagle has almost disappeared from the country because of pollution.

c) The eggs have very thin shells and do not hatch.

3) Find out the wrong word in each sentence and put the correct one.

1.The United States won its independence after 1782.
2. American leaders wanted the eagle to be a sample o their country.

3. They chose the bald eagle because it was found all over South America.

4. In 1972 there were only 30.000 bald eagles.

5. Unfortunately, rain often washes crops into rivers.

6. The eagles have very thin shells and do not hatch.

7. Today, the American government and the American people are trying to pollute the bald eagle.

Listening Comprehension Test

Вы услышите 5 высказываний. Установите соответствие между высказываниями каждого говорящего 1-5 и утверждениями, данными в списке A-F. Используйте каждое утверждение, обозначенное соответствующей буквой, только один раз. В задании есть одно лишнее утверждение.

A. The speaker explains how to pass exams successfully.
B. The speaker thinks that exams are not effective enough.
C. The speaker says that oral exams are more stressful.
D. The speaker explains why he/she prefers written exams.
E. The speaker says that he/she likes taking exams.
F. The speaker talks about his/her negative experience during the exam.







Утверждение (буква)

Use of English

1. Use the appropriate form of the verbs

A middle-aged, well-to-do woman 1—————-(do) her Christmas shopping.

She 2—————(think) she 3 ————(like} a cup of tee. She 4———(go) to

a café in the department store, 5———(take) a vacant seat and 6 (lay) all her

parcels and her handbag on the chair next to her. A cup of good English tee 7—-

(bring). While she 8—(enjoy) it she suddenly noticed a hand behind 9——(snatch)

her handbag. She 10———so ——-(shock) that she 11———( not react) at once.

When the woman 12———-(understand) all, the thief 13———(disappear). She

walked to the Security and reported that she 14——-((rob) and explained what 15

—(happened). She really 16———(not have) much hope that her handbag with the

keys, money, credit cards 17———(find). But it was more of a pleasant surprise

when the people from the store 18——(ring) her later that day. They 19————

(say} they 20 ——-(find) her bag and 21———(ask) her 22———(come) and——

(get) it back . When she arrived at the place, the people had no idea what the old

dear 24———-(talk) about. The woman went back home and when she opened the

door she realized who 25———(phone) her: during her absence the thief 26——-

(take) away all the things from her house.

2. Choose the correct preposition.

A) at B) in C) on

1. There is a nice picture … the wall.

2. She never keeps her money …her bag.

3. Don’t sit … the ground!

4. I think her flat is … the third floor of that building.

5. The children are playing … the garden.

6. Let’s meet … the entrance to the Supermarket.

7. There is nobody … the building.

8. … the middle there are three small dots.

9. She didn’t want to go anywhere, she decided to stay … home.

10. John’s brother is … prison for burglary.

11. Did you hear the news … the radio?

12. He is away. He’s gone to Germany … business.

A) by B) on C) in D) out of E) off

13. Excuse me , I have to get … at next station.

14. Since I broke my leg I have to travel … bus.

2. Use the proper prepositions where necessary.

15. Harry isn’t interested … sport.

A) in B) at C) of

16. Are you afraid … spiders?

A) on B) at C) of

17. It is very nice … you to help us. Thank you very much.

A) with B) about C) of

18. We waited … him till night but he didn’t come.

A) — B) for C) to

19. Why are you looking … me?

A) at B) — C) to

20. Everybody should take care … nature.

A) at B) of C) about

21. I won’t go there. Everybody will laugh … me.

A) at B) with C) to

22. I don’t have enough money to pay … the meal.

A) — B) to C) for

23. Hello, can I speak … Jane, please?

A) — B) to C) on

24. The children stopped talking when the teacher entered … the room.

A) at B) — C) to

25. Cut the meat …small pieces before frying it.

A) at B) into C) for

26. They are leaving … London.

A) at B) in C) for

27. Have you ever been …Moscow?

A) at B) in C) to

28. Why don’t you do something instead … just talking?

A) — B) of C) to

29. I am very glad … see you.

A) — B) to C) of

Listening comprehension test

Like most students I don’t like exams. I find it stressful and usually I can’t get good results because I feel too nervous. Especially, when I have to talk and answer the teacher’s questions without any preparation. If I had a choice, I’d take a test or write an essay. When I write, I have enough time to calm down and to think over my answers. And the results are usually much better.

Speaker 2

If you have to take an exam, don’t worry. Most people don’t find exams a very pleasant experience, but there are some tips that can make it less stressful. First, and the most important thing — never spend the whole night over the books. You need a good night’s sleep before the exam, otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate or understand and answer the teacher’s questions. Second, don’t take any medicine for your nerves. It can do much more harm than good. You will feel sleepy during the exam.

Speaker 3

I always get very nervous before the exams. Doesn’t matter whether I know all the answers or not. Once I was taking an exam in literature, the subject I like and know very well. It was an oral exam and the teacher asked me to recite any poem by any poet of the twentieth century. I know lots of them, but at that very moment I wasn’t able to recall anything. The teacher looked really disappointed and I got quite a low grade. When I left the classroom, suddenly I remembered a dozen of poems I could have recited to the teacher.

Speaker 4

Most people believe that exams are very important for the education because during the exams teachers can assess the students’ knowledge and it can motivate students to learn. I don’t agree with this point of view. I think that during the exam it’s difficult to say how much students know. Some of them can get very nervous and it affects their answers — they may know a lot but may be unable to cope with their stress. Some other students may be lucky and get the only question they know well. Exams are not fair and I hope they are replaced soon by something more effective, at least at school.

Speaker 5

It may sound strange but taking exams is not a stressful activity to me. I actually enjoy it. I never get nervous as I’m sure that I know enough to pass the exam. And even when it’s bad luck — my life doesn’t depend entirely on my exam results. Exam is a challenging task for me, it helps me to concentrate on some problems and to improve myself. I think I’ll be taking exams when school is over, just for fun.


Reading Comprehension Test

1) 1 a 3)1 in
2 b 2 symbol
3 a 3 North

4 b 4 3.000
5 b 5 pesticides
6 c 6 eggs
2) 1 c 7 protect
2 b

Use of English


1. was doing; 2.thought; 3.would like; 4.went ; 5.took; 6.laid; 7.was brought;

8.was enjoying; 9. snatched; 10 was…shocked; 11. did not react;

12.understood; 13 had disappeared; 14. had been robbed; 15. had happened;

16. did not have; 17. would be found; 18. rang; 19. 19. said; 20. had found;

21. asked; come; 23. get it back; 24.was talking; 25. had phoned; 26. had taken away.

-26 points


1c 9a 17c 25c
2b 10b 18b 26c
3c 11c 19a 27c
4c 12c 20b 28b
5b 13e 21a 29b
6a 14a 22c
7b 15a 23b
8b 16c 24b

Listening Comprehension Test

Тест по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему: Грамматический тест (9класс)



1.                          As soon as I (hear) the results, I’ll let you know.  

2.                          Where is Stella? – She (play) tennis in the park.

3.                          Cats (not to like) sweets.

4.                          I didn’t understand what she (mean) at first.

5.                          When I arrived, the party (finish).

6.                          Excuse me, where is (near) cafe?

7.                          He left the house without (some, any) money.

8.            I shall have to go to the shop if my sister (not to buy) anything for dinner.

9.            A cook is someone who (prepare) meals.

10.                  It’s raining. It (start) raining an hour ago.

11.                  11Where’s your key? – I’m afraid I (lose) it.

12.        I (walk) along the road yesterday when I met my friend.

13.                  The English people are proud (of, for) their literature.

14.                  That car isn’t (our, ours).

15.                  Helen (be) 17 years old next Sunday.

16.                  She told me she (invite) all her friends to her next birthday party.

17.                  Tom (arrive)? – Not yet.

18.                  When Sarah came to the party, Paul already (go) home.

19.                  You (see) news on television yesterday, didn’t you?

20.                  She didn’t tell (somebody, anybody) about her plans.

21.                  Do you read (many, much)?

22.                  She paid for her ticket and (leave).

23.                  The postman usually (come) at 8 in the morning. It is half past 9 now, but he (not to come) yet.

24.                  When I phoned her, she (do) her homework.

25.                  They (watch) television – their favourite programme is on at the moment.

26.                  I’ll call you as soon as we (sign) a contract.

27.                  They went on holidays with a friend of (their, theirs).

28.                  He didn’t even apologize (for, at) being late.

29.   Where you (be) all this time? – I (not to see) you for ages.

30.                  When the telephone (ring), we (have) dinner.

31.                  Our classes usually (begin) at 8 a.m.

32.                  I (go) to London tomorrow.

33.                  This house (build) by my grandfather many years ago.

34.                  Are you going (somewhere, anywhere) today?

35.                  Be careful, you’ve made (a, the, -) mistake.

36.                  We (travel) for about four hours when I realized that something was wrong with one of the tires.

37.                  Mary will be ready soon. She (have) a bath at the moment.

38.                  They (send) you the money before they (leave).You (receive) it soon.

39.                  She is (a, the, -) friend of mine. In fact, she is (a, the, -) best friend I have ever had.

40.                  He’ll wait (at, for, to) you in front of the library.

41.                  I saw him (a few, a little, a lot) weeks ago.

42.                  She is a really nice person – one of (nice) people I know.

43.                  Ann’s sight is not good. She (has to, must) wear glasses.

44.                  How long they (be) married? – For five years. They (be) students then.

45.        I’m not going (somewhere, nowhere, anywhere) tonight.

46.        You (pass) your driving test yet? – Yes, I (pass) it last year.

47.        I have (a, the, -) terrible cold and I’m staying in (a, the, -) bed today.

48.        Our car (steal) last month. A week later the police (find) it not far from our town. They (remove) the radio but done no other damage.

49.        All the ministers will see him (of, off) at the airport.

50.        We (had to, could, might) give the books back; they didn’t allow us to take them home.

51.        You should change (the, your) wet shoes, or you’ll catch (another, the other) cold.

52.        (a, the, -) day after (a, the, -) day passed without (a, the, -) news, and we began to lose (a, the, -) hope.

53.        As soon as I hear from him I (let) you know.

54.        Would you like (some, any) coffee? I just (make) some.

55.        Ask (a, the, -) woman in front of you to take (of, off) her hat.

56.        When a bottle of champagne (open) for twenty-four hours, the wine is not fit to drink.

57.        Mr Smith (hope) to hire a car, but his wife (not to drive) and he (not to be) free very often at present.

58.        I (be) grateful if you (tell) me whether you (have) any information about it.

59.        The Browns (be) abroad for ten years already, but before that they (live) near London.

60.        I’ve told you (a, the, -) hundred times not to come into (a, the, -) room without knocking.

61.        It isn’t necessary for you to drive me to the station. I (may, can, must) get a taxi.

62.        We can go (by, in, on) car if you wash (a, the, -) car first.

63.        I’m interested (at, in) chess but I’m not very good (at, in) it.

64.        My aunt’s son (not to start) work yet. He (be) still (at, in) High School.

65.        It (rain). That was the only reason I didn’t take the children to the beach.

66.        He (not to work) hard at school so he (not to get) a good job when he left.

67.        This scientific theory already (prove) to be false.

68.        Did you come (by, on, in) air? – No, I had a lovely voyage on (the, a, -) Queen Elizabeth II.

69.        Nobody (come) to see them since they bought this house.

70.        This (man, men) has been waiting here (since, for) 6 o’clock.

71.        You (mustn’t, couldn’t, may not) move this man; he is too ill. You’ll have to leave (him, his) here.

72.        I (have) my photograph taken tomorrow.

73.        You will feel better when you (have) a meal.

74.        Tom (invite) to his friend’s birthday party yesterday.

75.        He had (a, the, -) fair wavy hair; but (her, hers) hair was dark and straight.

76.        She (be) sixteen now but I thought she (to be) older.

77.        When the lake (freeze) it’ll be safe for ice-skating.

78.        It (rain) hard this morning when I (wake) up.

79.        I was waiting (-, for, to) the rain to stop.

80.        He never (be) to India, but he (be) in Pakistan last year.

Ключи к грамматическим тестам


1) hear;

2) is playing;

3) don’t like;

4) meant;

5) had finished;

6) the nearest;

7) any;

8) doesn’t buy;

9) prepares;

10) started;

11) have lost;

12) was walking;

13) of;

14) ours;

15) will be;

16) would be;

17) has … arrived;

18) had gone;

19) saw;

20) anybody;

21) much;

22) left;

23) comes, hasn’t come;

24) was doing;

25) are watching;

26) sign, have signed;

27) theirs;

28) for;

29) have … been, haven’t seen;

30) rang, were having;

31) begin;

32) am going / will go;

33) was built;

34) anywhere;

35) a;

36) had been traveling;

37) is having;

38) had sent, left, will receive;

39) a, the;

40) for;        

41) a few;

42) the nicest;

43) has to;

44) have they been, were;

45) anywhere;

46) have … passed, passed;

47) a, -;

48) was stolen, found, had removed;

49) off;

50) had to;

51) your, another;

52) -, -, -, -;

53) will let;

54) some, have … made;

55) the, off;

56) has been opened;

57) hopes, doesn’t drive, isn’t;

58) will be, tell, have;

59) have been, lived;

60) -, the;

61) can;

62) by, the;

63) in, at;

64) hasn’t started;

65) was raining;

66) didn’t work, didn’t get;

67) has been proved;

68) by, the;

69) has come;

70) man, since;

71) mustn’t, him;

72) will have;

73) have / have had;

74) was invited;

75) -, her;

76) is, was;

77) freezers;

78) was raining, woke;

79) for;

80) has been, was.

Тест по английскому языку (9 класс) на тему: Итоговый тест по английскому языку для 9 класса по УМК «Английский в фокусе»

                        Вводный  тест  по  английскому  языку для  9 класса    по УМК  «Английский в фокусе»                              


Choose the correct item :

1. Water pollution is…many fish species with extinction.

   a) destroying      b)threatening      c)  damaging

2. Animal … are in danger all over the world .

   a)  homes            b) hedgerows       c)  habitats

3. The Nile …  flows into the Mediterranean Sea .

   a)  Lake               b)    River               c)    Pond

4. How many …  of  birds live in this woodland ?

    a)     species       b)   residents         c)  inhabitants

5. My neighbour   is very …; she never says hello to me .

    a)  arrogant       b)    selfish             c)  friendly

6. Kate’s been calling you …. because she wants to ask you something.

    a) still                  b)at the moment   c) all morning

7. I haven’t been to the circus ….a long time.

    a) since            b)for                      c) so far

8. Mary is ….worried about the lost book.

    a)still               b)all morning           c)already

9. Jackson Pollock was one of the most well…and unusual American painters.

  a) believed        b)known                 c)done

10. I was ….by the directions they gave me, so I asked a local to show me the way.

     a) curious                  b)excited                c) confused

11. Mone painted beautiful … of the countryside.

     a) images                 b)celebrities           c) collections

12. Tom was very tired .He …football for hours.

      a)  had played         b)had been playing  c)played

13. Mary was happy because she… the first prize in the art competition.

     a)  won                     b)had bin winning    c)had won

14. The boys … TV when their mum came home.

    a)  were watching  b)had been watching c)had watched

15. Nick …play football when he was a child.

   a)  would               b)used to              c)had played

16. I don’t like my next-door neighbor; she is …nosy woman.

    a) so                        b)a so                  c)such a

17. Mike buys ….many gadgets.

   a) so                        b)such                 c) such a

18. This time next week I… myself  on Cyprus.

   a) will enjoy          b)will be enjoying  c)will have enjoyed

19. The train to Moscow….at 7 p.m.

   a) will leave         b)will be leaving    c)leaves

20. Be careful! You …tea  on your dress !

  a) are going to spill  b) will spill         c)will be spilling

21. The first Harry Potter book…by J.K. Rowling in 1997 .

   a) has written          b) was written    c)  had written

22. Our flat has been painted…environmentally friendly paints.

   a) with                      b)from                  c) by

23. The money from the sales…to a local charity .

     a) will have given   b)we will give it    c)will be given

24. All the children in the neighbourhood come out to play …the sun is shining.

     a) whenever            b)however            c)wherever

25. Don’t believe…he tells you; he isn’t a very honest person, you know.

      a) whichever           b)whatever           c)whenever

26. Mary wanted to change her hair colour, so she …blonde .

      a)had it dyed          b)had dyed it        c)has been dyed

27. She doesn’t look …today .Is she alright ?

      a) yourself                b)herself                 c)himself

28 . Ann told her friends to make … at home .

      a)herself                    b)ourselves           c)themselves

29.  Boys , if you want some more food ,help … .

      a)yourselves           b)themselves           c)ourselves

30. He did it all by ….     .

      a) herself                  b)himself                  c)itself

31. Nick, did you choose my present … ?

       a) itself                    b)myself                    c) yourself

32 .The house … was  nice , but the area was horrible .

       a)itself                  b)himself                   c)herself

33 . Students … to call the school if they miss a class .

      a)have                   b)should                     c)can

34 .We … wash our hands before eating so as not to get sick .

     a) needn’t              b) must                      c) can

35. You…     wash the dishes .Sue has already done it .

    a) don’t have  to    b)ought not to           c)mustn’t

36.  Mum ,…I have some ice cream after dinner , please ?

    a) must                    b)should                     c) can

37. I …return the book to the library today or I’ll pay a fine.

  1. ought                b)must                       c)may

38 .If you are on a diet, you …avoid  eating junk food and anything that has too much sugar in it .

  1. should               b) can                          c)could

39 .If I … you , I would study better .

  1. had been           b) were                       c)been

40 .If I had prepared ahead of time for my trip, I …so many problems .

      a) won’t have         b)wouldn’t have had   c)hadn’t had

41. When I go to Brazil next year, I … the Carnival .

     a) attend                 b) would attend        c) will attend

42 .If I had more time ,I … the gym .

     a) would join          b)will join                    c)would have joined

43. If he … such a poor diet , he wouldn’t be ill  all the time .

     a) hadn’t                b)hadn’t had               c) hasn’t

44 .We won’t make it to her birthday party in time unless we … now.

  1. will leave            b) leave                        c)left

45 .If he …at the traffic light, he wouldn’t have had an accident .

  1. had stopped       b)stopped                  c ) stops

46. She told me  … before  she spoke to me .

  1. don’t leave          b)not to leave             c)didn’t leave

47 .The concert starts at seven ,….?

  1. won’t it                b)didn’t it                    c) doesn’t it

48. She is alright , … ?

    a) isn’t she              b)aren’t she                  c)is she

49. You have watered the flowers ,… ?

   a) didn’t you            b)haven’t you               c)have you

50. He called the doctor ,… ?

  1. didn’t he              b)is he                           c)doesn’t he

51 .She can do this , …. ?

  1. couldn’t she         b)can she                     c)can’t she

52. Give me that book ,…?

  1. will you                b)can you                       c)won’t you

53 .There aren’t  enough apples ,…?

  1. weren’t there    b)aren’t there                c)are there

54 .Let’s go to the cinema ,…?

  1. shan’t we            b)shall we                      c)aren’t we

55. Mum told me … before she spoke to me .

    a) not to leave         b)don’t leave                c)didn’t leave

56. I’ve looked for my pen … ,but I still can’t find it .

    a) anywhere             b)somewhere              c)everywhere

57. After the storm there was … in many parts of the region .

    a) flood                      b)drought                    c)rain

58. This painting is … one in the gallery.

   a) expensive              b)the most expensive  c)more expensive

59. This story is … than that one.

   a) the most interesting b)more interesting  c)interesting

60. That picture is … than this one.

   a) the best                b)good                            c)better

Read the text and say whether the statements are true , false or not stated.

We are living at a time when nothing is as important as information. Newspapers and magazines are the oldest source of it .Now we have a wide range of magazines and journals about computers , cars, fashion,  cooking ,fishing , and the arts .There are three main types of newspa —          pers : broadsheet ,tabloids and local . Editors, reporters and photogra-      phers do their paper successful.

Radio is a convenient source of information and entertainment – people often listen to the radio in their cars.

Television is the most important form of mass media. It informs, edu-          cates and entertains people. It influences the way people look at the  world and can make them change their views.

The Internet has revolutionized technology. You can get information about everything you want and send an email to a friend. Indeed, it’s   often called the “information highway”. Moreover, users can buy books online, find out about holiday offers, book tickets and so on .One worry is cyberterrorists. Some hackers can get into the computer systems of banks and governments.

To sum up, we have to say that people can get information thanks to modern technology and mass media. Information is what we need to survive today and tomorrow.

True, false or not stated?

1. Information is very important nowadays.

   a) True                b) False           c) Not stated

2. Newspapers and magazines are the youngest source of information.

   a) True                 b) False            c) Not stated

3. Only editors do their paper successful.

   a) True                 b) False            c) Not stated

4. Radio is a conventional source of information and entertainment.

   a) True                 b) False             c) Not stated

5. The Internet is the most important source of information.

   a) True                  b) False             c) Not stated

6. Television is called “the information highway”.

    a) True                 b) False             c) Not stated

7. People can get information thanks to modern technology and mass media.

   a) True                   b) False             c) Not stated

8. We need information to survive today and tomorrow.

   a) True                   b) False               c) Not stated

Answers :

Grammar and vocabulary:

1b 2c  3b  4a  5a  6c  7b  8a  9b  10c  11a  12b  13c  14a  15b  16c  17a  18b  19c  20a  21b  22a  23c  24a  25b  26a  27b  28a  29a  30b  31c  32a  33a  34b  35a  36c  37b  38a  39b  40b  41c  42a  43a  44b  45a  46b  47c  48a  49b  50a  51c  52a  53c  54b  55a  56c  57a  58b  59b  60c.


1T  2F  3F  4T  5NS  6F  7T  8T

Тесты по чтению для 9 класса (англ. яз.)

Предлагаю вам подборку Reading tests для 9 класса. Тесты не сложные, однако поработать придется. Тесты по чтению для 9 класса предложены по следующим темам:

  • Family;
  • Art and museums;
  • School activities;
  • Parties
  • St. Valentine’s Day
  • Shopping

Тесты идут от самого простого к более сложным, поэтому Вы можете ориентироваться по уровню класса.

Reаding tests для 9 класса.

Тест по чтению для 9 класса #1.

Granny Morgan

Andy and Kate were pleased. Today was Friday, and that was the day when Gran came to tea. Of all their relatives, they liked their grandmother the best. She was good fun.

Granny Morgan was sitting at the kitchen table when they came in. There was a big plate of banana sandwiches in front of her.

“Hello, Gran!” said Andy.

“Hello, you two. How was school today?”

“OK, thanks,” said Kate.

“And how was your trip to the National History Museum?” she asked.

“Oh, that was great,” said Kate. “We had a wonderful time.”

“We saw some fantastic dinosaurs but I liked the gorillas best,” he said. He took another sandwich.

“I remember when I was a young girl; I often went to museums and art galleries. One day I met Picasso in an art gallery in the south of France.”

“I don’t believe you!” said Kate.

“Yes, I did. It’s true. Picasso was a charming man. He asked me to tea.»

Kate liked her grandmother’s stories, but she wasn’t sure if they were true but they were always exciting!

Задания к тексту Granny Morgan.

Exercise 1. Say, why the children like their grandmother’s company. 

Exercise 2. Correct the statements.

  1. Granny Morgan came to dinner.
  2. The children visited the National Gallery.
  3. The boy liked the elephants at the museum.
  4. Granny met Picasso in Paris.
  5. The children were sure that their grandmother’s stories were true.

Exercise 3. Аnswer the questions.

  1. Why were Kate and Andy pleased?
  2. When did their grandmother usually come to tea?
  3. Where was she sitting when they came in?
  4. What sort of sandwiches were there on the table?
  5. How many sandwiches did Andy take altogether?
  6. What did Andy like best at the Natural History Museum?
  7. What else did he see there?
  8. Who did Granny Morgan meet at an art gallery?
  9. What did Kate think of her grandmother’s stories?

Exercise 4. Complete the sentences according to the text «Granny Morgan».

  1. Andy and Kate were ___________ on Friday.
  2. Granny is good ___________
  3. We had a ________ at the museum.
  4. We saw some ______________ dinosaurs, but ____________
  5. One day I met Picasso in _____________ in the South of France.

Exercise 5. White a short story about your granny.

Тест по чтению для 9 класса #2.

Данный тест по чтению рассчитан на 20-25 минут. 7 минут на ознакомление с текстом и 13-15 минут на решения теста. Можно даже использовать тест для аудирования, так как он очень простой.

A Letter

Dear Irina,

Thank you for your letter. I would like to know a bit more about your school activities. Do you have parties at school? What are they like? Our parties are not always interesting. Some are amusing and some are boring. The best we had was on the Valentine’s Day. We all loved it very much. It was a costume party. I had a butterfly suit on with big black-and-red wings.

We have pinned up funny posters on the walls in the rest room. The most interesting part of it was the mail. I got five Valentine’s Day, cards. I think the big card was from Joe. I went all red when I opened it. There was a big satin elephant holding a bunch of plastic flowers in its trunk and these words: “Sharon, I love you.” I also wrote ten cards to boys and girls just for fun, and of course one to Joe. You can guess what I wrote in it. We also sang and danced at the party. How do your parties go?

Задания к тексту.

Exercise 1. Write what Sharon liked about the St. Valentine’s Day party most of all.

Exercise 2. Say if the statements are true or false.

  1. All parties in the English school are interesting.
  2. All the children liked the party on the Valentine’s Day.
  3. The party was held in the classroom.
  4. Sharon got a bunch of flowers from Joe.
  5. Sharon wrote ten cards to boys.
  6. They sang and danced at the party.

Exercise 3. Give yes / no answers to the questions.

  1. Does Sharon like parties?
  2. Are all English school parties amusing?
  3. Was the party she described a costume party?
  4. Did Sharon get a card from Joe?
  5. Does she love Joe?
  6. Did she write a card to Joe?

Exercise 4. Complete the table about the St. Valentine’s Day Party.

Name of party

Costume she had on

Number of cards she received

Number of cards she sent

What they did at the party






Тест по чтению для 9 класса #3.

The Boy and the Door

There was a small shop in a little street in an old town. In the shop there were beautiful things made of silver and gold. The small shop had a door that opened on the little street. The shopkeeper was standing at the open door.

“Come and buy! Come and buy!” called the shopkeeper. “Come into my shop and see all the beautiful things!” again he called. “Come in!

I shall show you beautiful things made of silver and gold.”

One day the shopkeeper had to go away to the king’s palace. The king wanted a beautiful gold ring and a silver cup from the shop. The shopkeeper called the boy who worked for him. “I’m going to the king’s palace,” he said. “You must stay here. Do not leave the door of the shop whatever happens. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” said the boy.

The shopkeeper went away, and soon he came to the king’s palace. He gave the king the ring and the cup. Then he went home. Soon he was back at his shop. He stopped and looked up in astonishment. “What is this?” he cried. “Why are so many people going into my shop?” Then the shopkeeper saw that the door of the shop was gone and so was the boy who worked for him.

Just then, the shopkeeper saw the boy. He was in the street near the shop. The boy had the shop door on his back. He was standing in the square looking at some men who were doing tricks.

The shopkeeper ran to the boy. “I told you not to leave my shop,” he cried.

“No,” said the boy. “You told me not to leave the door. I did just as you said. I did not leave the door. I have the door here with me.”

Задания к Reading Comprehension Test #3.

Exercise 1. Choose the correct answer to the questions.

  1. What did the shopkeeper sell? food / things
  2. What were the things made of? glass / metal
  3. Where did the shopkeeper go one day? market / palace
  4. What did the shopkeeper tell the boy to do? not to leave the door / not to leave the shop
  5. What did the shopkeeper see when he came back? the shop was closed / the shop was open
  6. Where was the boy standing? in the shop / in the square
  7. Did the boy understand the shopkeeper’s words exactly? yes / no

Exercise 2. Say if the statements are true or false. Correct the false statements.

  1. It was a big new shop.
  2. The shopkeeper usually stood at the open door.
  3. The things in the shop were beautiful and expensive.
  4. The shopkeeper asked the boy not to leave the door.
  5. The shopkeeper went to the king’s palace.
  6. When the shopkeeper came back, his shop was ruined.
  7. The boy took the door with him.
  8. The boy did what the shopkeeper had told him.

Exercise 3. Answer the questions.

  1. What did the shopkeeper do to attract clients to his shop?
  2. Why did the shopkeeper go to the palace?
  3. What was the boy doing when the shopkeeper came back?

Exercise 4. Give your opinion on who was right: the boy or the shopkeeper.

Exercise 5. If you were a boy and wanted to go away, what would you do?

Ответы к Reading Tests.

Reading test 1.

Упражнение 1. The children liked their grandmother’s company because she was good fun (funny).

Упражнение 2.

  1. Granny Morgan came to tea.
  2. The children visited the National History Museum.
  3. The boy liked the gorillas at the museum.
  4. Granny met Picasso in the south of France.
  5. The children were not sure that their grandmother’s stories were true.

Упражнение 3.

  1. They were pleased because their Granny was coming to tea.
  2. She usually came to tea on Friday.
  3. She was sitting at the kitchen table when they came in.
  4. There were banana sandwiches on the table.
  5. He took at least 2 sandwiches.
  6. He liked the gorillas best
  7. He also saw dinosaurs there?
  8. Granny Morgan met Picasso at an art gallery.
  9. Kate liked her grandmother’s stories, but she wasn’t sure if they were true but they were always exciting!

Упражнение 4.

  1. Pleased
  2. Fun
  3. wonderful time
  4. fantastic / I liked the gorillas best
  5. an art gallery

Упражнение 5. Your own story.

Ответы к reading test 2.

Упражнение 1. She liked the mail most of all.

Упражнение 2.

  1. False, 2. True, 3. False, 4. False, 5. False, 6. True.

Упражнение 3.

  1. Yes, 2. No, 3. Yes, 4. Yes, 5. Yes, 6. Yes

Упражнение 4.

Name of party

Costume she had on

Number of cards she received

Number of cards she sent

What they did at the party

St. Valentine’s Day Party

butterfly suit on with big black-and-red wings



Received mail


Sang songs

Ответы к тексту 3.

Упражнение 1.

  1. things, 2. metal, 3. palace, 4. not to leave the door, 5. the shop was open, 6. in the square, 7. yes

Упражнение 2.

  1. False. It was a small shop.
  2. True
  3. True
  4. True
  5. True
  6. False. When the shopkeeper came back, he saw many people walking into his shop and he also saw that the door of the shop was gone and so was the boy who worked for him.
  7. True
  8. True

Упражнение 3.

  1. The shopkeeper was standing at the open door calling “Come and buy! Come and buy!”, “Come into my shop and see all the beautiful things!”, “Come in!
  2. The shopkeeper went to the palace to give the king the ring and the cup.
  3. He was standing in the square looking at some men who were doing tricks.

Упражнение 4,5 – your own answers.

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