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Олимпиада по английскому школьный этап 8 класс – Олимпиадные задания по английскому языку (8 класс) на тему: Школьный этап Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку 8класc | скачать бесплатно

Олимпиада по английскому языку в 8 классе (школьный этап)

Олимпиадные задания для школьного этапа

олимпиады школьников по английскому языку

8 класс


Time: 15 minutes

Task 1

You will hear boy's story about his life in New York. For each question (1-5) choose the correct answer a, b or c. You will hear the text twice.

1. Martin spent most of his time

a) at school.

b) in the apartment.

c) at college.

2. Martin was going to work

a) in Arizona.

b) in New York.

c) in the Police Academy.

3. Martin was going to keep in touch with his mother

a) by e-mail.

b) by telephone.

c) by post.

4. Martin's father died

a) of cancer.

b) of pneumonia.

c) of heart attack.

5. At school Martin was

a) a youth of great promise.

b) very dull.

c) good for nothing.

Task 2

Прослушайте текст. Заполните пропуски (6-15) информацией из текста. Вы услышите текст дважды.

Welcome to Sri Lanka

The text is addressed to 6) ____________.

Sri Lanka is a lovely 7) ____________ in the Indian 8) __________.

Visitors go to the west coast of Sri Lanka because it has wonderful nature and, of course, 9) ____________ which are among the most beautiful in the world.

Behind the hotel there are large tropical 10) __________, where you can find over 11) ____________ kinds of trees and about 12) ____________ types of birds.

A 12-night stay in Sri Lanka costs between 250 and 350 13) __________ and includes 14) ____________ and the tours.

The tourists will have to pay additional money for plane tickets and

15) ____________.


Time: 15 minutes

Task 1

Прочитайте текст и вопросы. На каждый вопрос 16-20 выберите правильный ответ A, B, C или D.

Five miles across the water from the town of Reachton the group of islands known as the Herndigs is situated. The main island is St George. Separated by a narrow channel of water is St George’s little sister, St Margaret. People first lived on these islands 1,500 years ago. By the 1950s population had gone down to below twenty and in 1960 the last person left the islands. But in 1991 two families moved back and since then more people have followed. Tourists now visit these islands regularly to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Visit the one shop on the islands, which sells butter, cheese and bread produced by the families who live there. The produce is also taken by boat to restaurants in Reachton where it can be enjoyed by visitors to the area. Perhaps more interestingly, a range of perfumes are made from the wild flowers and herbs which grow on the island and can be bought in the shop. They are produced mainly for export and are very special. So a visit to the shop is a must!

St George island is easily explored on foot, but in the interests of safety, visitors are requested to keep to the main footpaths. From where the boat lands, go along the cliff until you reach a steep path signposted to the church. When you get there it is worth spending a moment in this lovely old building. Carry on along the same path which continues to climb to the highest point on the island. There is a wonderful view from here along the coastline. If it is warm, you may like to finish your day relaxing on the beach. Priory beach on the eastern side of the island is safe for swimming. Sandtop Bay on the western side is the other sandy beach but swimming is not advised here.

It is possible to hire a boat across to the islands or you can take one of the boat trips which depart from Reachton harbour in summer, Monday – Friday. The islands are always open to the visitors apart from on Sundays. Buy a ticket for a boat trip from the kiosk in Reachton harbour. The charge for landing on the islands is included in the ticket but, if you take your own boat, remember to take some money. The crossing takes thirty minutes and boats run every fifteen minutes.

Before you set off on a trip, visit the exhibition centre which tells the history of the islands and gives information about birds and wildlife you may see when you get there.

16. Why had the population of the island gone down before 1961?

A Because people had left the island.

B Because the island is very far from Great Britain.

C Because of the environment.

D Because the islands had disappeared.

17. What souvenirs can tourists buy on the islands?

A Some exported dairy products.

B Some perfumes.

C Some food and perfumes.

D Some bread.

18. Why should visitors keep to the main footpaths?

A Because the islands are not inhabited.

B Because the roads are very bad.

C Because it is dangerous.

D Because there are no rescue teams.

19. Where is it better to swim?

A You cannot swim anywhere.

B From the Priory Beach.

C From the Sandtop Bay.

D In the Reachton harbour.

20. When is landing on the islands free?

A If you go on Sunday.

B If you go in summer.

C If you go by your own boat.

D If you go by a boat trip.

Task 2

Read the text and mark the sentences (21-30) true (T) or false (F).

Police Spell Out Graffiti Mania Fears

A secret police report has built up a profile of the typical graffiti vandal. It seems that the average vandal is usually a male, aged 15 to 19, from poor family.

His “addictive habit” costs million of pounds every year, according to the report by British Transport Police anti – graffiti squad. They estimate that more than & 2 million is spent cleaning trains in London alone.

The report suggests that graffiti is the work of small groups. They are motivated by the need to get attention by making some form of statement. More than a third of the vandals who are caught do it again, which suggests that graffiti is addictive.

The survey of 150 graffiti vandals arrested last year showed that 40 per sent of offenders are university students or still at school – and 99 per sent are male. Just over 17 per sent are unemployed.

The report says graffiti is dangerous – four youngsters have been killed while trying to paint trains in the Underground.

The police have been visiting schools and writing to parents to try and prevent young people becoming vandals. They are also using handwriting experts to identify the “tags” of graffiti artists. In London alone there were over 150 graffiti arrests last year, but police recognize the vandals will continue unless they are stopped, because graffiti writing is so addictive.

21. Most graffiti vandals are men.___________

22. The police do not use handwriting experts. _______________

23. The majority of graffiti vandals are students. ______________

24. It is easy for graffiti vandals to stop. _________________

25. Graffiti writing can be dangerous._____________

26. Graffiti writing is against the law._________________

27. Graffiti artists act in big groups. _____________________

28. Graffiti is a form of statement.____________

29. There were 150 graffiti arrests last year. _______________

30. Forty per cent of 150 arrested vandals are unemployed. ______________


Time: 10 minutes

Прочитайте текст с пропусками, обозначенными номерами 31- 40. Выберите правильное слово для каждого пропуска из вариантов A, B, C или D.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood is a legendary hero who lived in Sherwood Forest, in Nottingham, with his band of followers. Stories about him and his adventures began to

(31) ____________ in the fourteenth century.

Everyone knows that Robin Hood robbed the rich to give to the poor. He chose to be an outlaw, that is, someone (32) ____________ lives “outside the law”, but he had his own ideas of right and wrong. He (33) __________ against injustice, and tried to give (34) ____________ people a share of the riches owned by people in authority and the Church. He had many (35) ____________ – he was a great sportsman, a brave fighter, and was very good with his bow and arrow.

He dressed in green, lived in the forest with his wife, Maid Marion, and his (36) __________. For food they killed the King’s deer, and many days were spent eating, drinking, and playing games. He robbed the rich by capturing them as they (37) ____________ through the forest and inviting them to eat with him. During the supper, someone looked in their bags to see how much money they had. When it was finished, Robin asked them to pay for the meal, and of course, he knew how much to ask (38) ____________!

His main enemy was the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was always trying to capture Robin but never managed to do it. Some stories

(39) ____________ that he killed Robin by poisoning him. In his dying moments, he shot a final arrow from his famous bow, and asked his men to bury him (40) __________ the arrow landed.

31. A) become; B) look; C) move; D) appear.

32. A) which; B) who; C) what; D) whose.

33. A) fight; B) fights; C) fought; D) has fought.

34. A) ordinary; B) usual; C) normal; D) typical.

35. A) aspects; B) standards; C) qualities; D) quantities.

36. A) men; B) mens; C) man; D) mans.

37. A) entered; B) arrived; C) crossed; D) travelled.

38. A) of; B) for; C) by; D) after.

39. A) tell; B) talk; C) say; D) speak.

40. A) when; B) which; C) what; D) where.


Time: 20 minutes

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Dave who writes:

The British eat more fast food than any other Europeans, spending a lot of money on burgers, takeaway chicken, fish and chips and pizza. Could you tell me what a typical lunch at your school is? What is your favourite fast food? Do you think it is healthy?

My latest news is that I arranged my birthday party yesterday…

Write a letter to Dave.

In your letter:

– answer his questions;

– ask 3 questions about his birthday party.

Write 100-120 words.

Remember the rules of letter writing.


Listening comprehension

Part 1

You will hear boy's story about his life in New York. For each question (1-5) choose the correct answer A, B or C. You will hear the text twice.

Now you have 30 seconds to look through the items.

(pause 30 seconds)

Now we begin.

My name is Martin Mitchell. I live in New York with my mother and two elder sisters.

I have always been well taken care of. Since my father died of a heart attack, my two sisters Sara and Eleanor and my mother have been taking care of me, their little boy. When my sisters got married and moved out of the apartment it was just mother and me who left.

We lived in an old apartment. I spent most of my life there. The window was often open and sounds from the streets mixed with the talk shows from the radio that my mother always kept on.

Like many other students I bussed to school every morning. I tried to do well at school and my aim was to go to college. At college I learnt with ease and some teachers said that I would make good.

When I finished college and went to the Police Academy, my mother was really proud. She thought that I would get a Job in the city and be able to stay near her. But I was offered a job in Arizona. It was a real shock for her.

She didn't want to part with me; she got used to look after me. My mother cried a long time.

I told her there was no reason in the world to get upset, that's not far away and I could still talk to her on the phone. But my mother threw quick sharp looks in my direction and kept silent. She was in blank despair.

Sara tried to save me. She said, “Mummy, he'll come back here and visit. Won't you, Marvin? And weekends he'll call you when the rates go down.”

I replied that I would call her even if the rates are up.

But my mother suddenly told me not to waste money like that. She added that I should learn to save. The idea of encouraging me towards thrift aroused my mother from her state. She had a purpose again: looking after me.


Now listen again.

Олимпиада по английскому языку для 8 класса

Олимпиадные задания школьного этапа Всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку для учащихся 8-х классов.

Фамилия, имя_____________________________________________ Класс_______________

Общее время выполнения работы – 120 минут Общее количество баллов - 140

  1. Listening (12 points)

1) Listen to the family planning a trip to New York. They are talking about what they want to do there. Look at the pictures. Match the speakers (Mum, Dad, Anna and George) with the pictures of what they want to do.

2) Mark the statements True (T) or False (F).

  1. Mum suggests booking things on the Internet.

  2. Anna finds history boring.

  3. George is enthusiastic about going on a tour.

  4. Father thinks there`s a lot to see in New York.

  5. Father will love shopping in New York.

  6. Anna says that you can see four miles from the top of the Empire State Building.

  7. Father suggests going on a boat.

  8. All of New York City is on an island.

II. Reading (15 points)

1)Read the text and answer the questions below. For each question, choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.

Earth Day

We celebrated Earth Day in my city last week. The idea of this special day began in the 1960s when life was very different. Few people talked, or even thought, about the environment. Most people had no idea how dirty our air and water were. This attitude bothered Gaylord Nelson, who was a senator in the US government, and he had an idea. If people around the world knew the planet was in danger, they might work harder to save it, so he just needed to get their attention. The first Earth Day was just in the United States but it led to events every year all around the world on April 22 or the nearest weekend, depending on where you are.

In my town, last Saturday afternoon lots of people rode their bikes from the park, around the town together and back to the park, taking as much time as they possibly could, so that the cars had to wait. Then we talked to all the drivers in cars which just had one person in them, to explain how wasteful that is and how much pollution it causes. The idea was to make people think about how much they use their cars. In other places, people collected plastic bags for a week and then made a pile of them in the town square. You can do anything as long as it makes people of all ages come together for a few hours and talk about the environment. Last year we had a big music event for young people. Some people said it was a waste of time, but there was information for people to read and announcements between the bands about how to help protect the environment.

  1. What is the writer trying to do?

  1. encourage people to take part in this year's Earth Day

  2. explain why Earth Day happens every year

  3. compare the success of different events on Earth Day

  4. offer advice to people arranging an Earth Day event

  1. Earth Day began because

  1. people had started to worry about damage to the environment.

  2. different governments decided it was a good idea.

  3. one man wanted people to know about the planet's problems.

  4. people were working hard to make the air and water cleaner.

3. What happened on Earth Day this year in the writer's city?

  1. Cars were not allowed in the city centre.

  2. People cycled slowly through the streets.

  3. There was a talk about the pollution made by cars.

  4. Cars had to have more than one person in them.

4. What does the writer think is the most important thing about Earth Day events?

  1. that people should become involved in them

  2. that they should attract young people

  3. that there should be some music

  4. that they should last all day

5. Which of the following sentences appeared in a newspaper article about Earth Day?

  1. Gaylord Nelson travelled around the world to persuade people to arrange events on the first Earth Day

  2. Earth Day events are on the same day in countries around the world.

  3. Many more countries take part in Earth Day now than when it first began.

  4. The first Earth Day was a disappointment to the organisers.

2) Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Last night, a bomb (1) _______ (explode) outside the main branch of the Trusty Bank in Barton. The police (2) ________ (receive) an anonymous phone call minutes before the explosion. The bomb squad (3) __________ (drive) to the bank when the bomb (4) ________ (go off). There (5) _________ (be) no one inside the bank, but a security guard (6) ________ (sit) at the car park entrance. He suffered minor injuries from pieces of broken glass. Late last night, police officers (7) ________ (still/search) the scene for evidence and they (8) ___________ (question) the people living in the area. The security guard (9) ___________ (recover) from his injuries in hospital. No one (10) _________ (yet/claim) responsibility for the blast.

III.Use of English(53 points)

1) Choose the correct answer.

1. Excuse me, do you speak English? I _______ for a hotel.

  1. look

  2. am looking

  3. was looking

  4. have been looking

2. Last summer we wanted a relaxing holiday, so we _______ to stay on a small island.

  1. choose

  2. have chosen

  3. had chosen

  4. chose

3. Mathematics ______ hard. I don`t understand it.

  1. are

  2. is

  3. was

  4. were

4. While we _______ for the train, it started to rain.

  1. waited

  2. are waiting

  3. was waiting

  4. were waiting

5. The police officer said that every house in that street ______ already by the police.

  1. search

  2. were searched

  3. had been searched

  4. searched

6. There is going to be a big art exhibition. It _______ a lot of visitors.

  1. attracts

  2. will attract

  3. has attracted

  4. attracted

7. The result of his investigation ________ in the newspaper soon.

  1. publish

  2. be published

  3. will be published

  4. is published

8. When they arrived home, their children _______ outside the door waiting for them.

  1. sit

  2. are sitting

  3. was sitting

  4. were sitting

9. We _______ a new computer not long ago. Now the job will be done much more quickly.

  1. had bought

  2. was bought

  3. bought

  4. have bought

10. He was sorry that he _______ to me for so long.

  1. didn`t write

  2. haven’t been writing

  3. hadn`t been writing

  4. hasn`t been writing

11. My mother ______ strawberries for years but she has never had such a good crop before.

  1. grow

  2. grew

  3. has been growing

  4. had grown

12. Helen got off the bus and walked into the bank when she realized that she _______ her handbag on the bus.

  1. left

  2. had left

  3. has left

  4. leaves

13. You are a great cook! This cake _______ wonderful as usual.

  1. taste

  2. tasted

  3. will taste

  4. tastes

14. I cut my finger when I ________ the potatoes.

  1. am peeling

  2. have peeled

  3. was peeling

  4. will peel

15. The students _______ not to be late for their classes.

  1. ask

  2. asked

  3. are asked

  4. are asking

2)Test your idioms. Fill in the correct idiom.

Make up one`s mind; Pull sb`s leg; break sb`s heart; Be on good terms; be broke; make a fuss; do one`s best; make a living; drop sb a line; do sb a favour

  1. After the divorce, they didn`t talk for months, but now they ________ with each other.

  2. I don`t get paid till Friday, so now I ________.

  3. Although he __________, he didn`t win the race.

  4. Could you ________? If you`re going out, could you get me some milk?

  5. Bob _________ when he said there was a snake on my bed. He just wanted to tease me.

  6. There`s no need to _______ just because I didn`t wash up. I`ll do it later.

  7. Please, ______ while you are in Germany.

  8. I can`t _________ whether to buy a Porsche or a BMW.

  9. Her fiancé _______ when he left her.

  10. The old lady manages to _________ by selling flowers.

3) Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions

  1. She blamed him ______ the murder.

  2. They arrived _______ London at 7:30.

  3. I must apologize _____ Mary _____ the delay.

  4. I am very annoyed _______ John _____ being so careless.

  5. He was accused ______ being a thief.

  6. He believes ________ God.

  7. She is brilliant _______ gymnastics.

  8. I was not aware ________ the problem.

  9. I am afraid _______ snakes.

  10. He does not associate ______ his colleagues.

  11. They were ashamed ________ their children`s behavior.

  12. He was astonished _______ the way he spoke to the manager.

4) Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

It`s not always easy being a (1) _______ . you spend half your TOUR

time making (2) __________ for your holiday and the other half ARRANGE

worrying about sticking to the (3) __________. I think it`s relaxing TIME

sometimes to spend a holiday at home. There are no (4) _______ CULTURE

problems, you don`t need someone to be the (5) ___________ and PHOTOGRAPH

you know that the local (6) _________ are always friendly! INHABIT

5) Cross out the unnecessary word.

Школьный этап олимпиады по английскому языку 7-8 классы

Олимпиадные задания школьного этапа Всероссийской олимпиады школьников
 по английскому  языку для 7-8 классов (2015-2016 учебный год)
Раздел 1 (Чтение)

1.    Установите соответствие тем A-H текстам 1-7.  Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании одна тема лишняя.


1. For the first time since 1948, the British capital will host the summer Olympic Games. It was the fourth participation of Britain in the battle to host the games after failed attempts of Birmingham for the 1992 Olympics and Manchester for 1996 and 2000. "I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be a fantastic Olympic Games,” said Prince William.

2. There are many factors, both social and psychological, which influence the roles of teachers and learners in the classroom. The book "Roles of Teachers and Learners” by Tony Wright helps teachers to understand these roles. And the ways in which co-operative learning may best be fostered.

3. It’s calculated that Joanne Rowling, the author of very famous books about Harry Potter, is earning $36,000,000 daily and her total profit is already more than $1,000,000,000.

4. In 2005 " Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” broke the previous record of Potter series itself as wall as all other records had ever held by freshly published books: more than 8.9 million copies had been sold within 24 hours since the moment of release.

5. The word "hamburger” comes from the name of the German city Hamburg and not from the word "ham”, and so the word "cheeseburger”, sometimes used to mean a similar kind of sandwich with cheese instead of meat, is based on a false analogy.

6. Reading works of literature gives students an insight into the variety of ways language has been handled over the last three centuries.  It is both rewarding and motivating for learners to discover they can understand the language, and that they can even enjoy the experience of reading an English or American classic.

7. The world’s famous cycling race comes to its exiting conclusion when the riders cap off three weeks of road racing and 21 stages with a sprint down the Champs Elysees in Paris. The Tour de France will be broadcast live daily at Sport land at 5 p.m. until the last stage on Sunday, June 24.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7

2.     Прочитайте текст и выполните задания.  Ответьте на вопросы заданий, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов ответов 1, 2 или 3.

     There is something about the English Channel that has always fascinated the human race and it has always played a special role in British history. The sea itself has always been important to mankind but the Channel often created a barrier between Great Britain and the Continent. This barrier has existed for more than 12,000 years and the desire to break it has occupied the minds of many people for almost two hundred years.
     The construction of the tunnel is perhaps the most incredible engineering project of the 20th century. In fact its completion was called a "technical triumph”.
     However, the first proposal to build a Channel Tunnel appeared in 1802, when a French engineer presented his project for two tunnels to cross it. Historians say Napoleon was interested in that plan. But Napoleon was more interested in fighting the British than in linking the two countries, and shortly afterwards a new war between England and France began. There were many other plans to build a tunnel but unfortunately all of them failed. It was not until after the last war that Britain and France began seriously considering the project. On the 12th February, 1986, Mrs. Thatcher and President Mitterrand signed the Franco-British Treaty which allowed the construction and the operation of the Channel Tunnel. The tunnel was completed eight years later.
     It is now very quick and easy to cross the Channel. You don’t have to book a ticket. The Channel Tunnel trains operate twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. You can now cross the Channel in thirty-five minutes. At last the great barrier has been broken.
     In 1996, the American Society of Civil Engineers, with Popular Mechanics, selected the tunnel as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

1. What has always been important to all people?
a. The English Channel.
b. The sea.
c. The tunnel.

2. What did Europeans want to do for many years?
a. To create a barrier between Great Britain and the Continent.
b. To sign a contract on the construction of the tunnel.
c. To connect Great Britain and the continent by train service.

3. When did the Channel Tunnel begin to function?
a. In 1994.
b. In 1986.
c. In 1996.

4. Who proposed the first plan to build a tunnel under the Channel?
a. Napoleon
b. A French engineer.
c. President Mitterrand.

5. When did the construction of the tunnel become possible?
a. After the treaty had been signed.
b. After the engineering project had been presented.
c. After many other plans had been discussed.

6. Why is it easy to cross the Channel at present?
a. The tickets are cheap.
b. The tickets are sold everywhere.
c. The trains go day and night.

7. What is the best title for the text?
a. Engineering Projects.
b. The Channel Tunnel.
c. Seven Wonders of the World.

1    2    3    4    5    6    7
Олимпиадные задания школьного этапа Всероссийской олимпиады школьников
 по английскому  языку для 7-8 классов (2015-2016 учебный год)

Раздел 2 (лексико-грамматический тест)
1.    Прочитайте приведенные ниже предложения с пропусками и решите, который из предложенных трех вариантов для каждого пропуска соответствует правильному ответу. Обведите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.
1.    The clothes are absolutely wet. I should dry …
a)    it         b) their         c) them
2.    If you don’t understand the meaning of this word, look it … in the dictionary.
a)    for        b) up        c) at
3.    The forecast promises such … good weather but I don’t believe it.
a)    a        b) __        c) the
4.    You should eat … sweets. It’s bad for your teeth.
a)    little        b) less        c) fewer
5.    Everyone has to answer for his actions, …?
a)    hasn’t he        b) has he       c) doesn’t he
6.    This car … a lot last year.
a)    cost        b)  costs       c) costed
7.    Neither Nick nor Ann … to play tennis.
a)    likes        b) like        c)doesn’t like
8.    Your shoes are … fashionable.
a)    such a        b) such        c) so
9.    The boy feels  so …today
a)    more bad        b) badly      c) bad
10.    If it … tomorrow we shall play football outdoors.
a)    not rain       b) doesn’t rain       c) won’t rain
11.    The pupils were … a new film yesterday.
a)    showed        b) show        c) shown
12.    They arrived … the airport on time.
a)    at        b) in       c) to
13.    Her parents always … at this school.
a)    working        b) have worked       c) work

2.    Прочитайте приведенный ниже текст с пропусками и решите, какой из предложенных трех вариантов для каждого пропуска соответствует правильному ответу. Обведите номер выбранного вами варианта ответа.


When Bo the cat decided to explore a furniture van, she had a bigger adventure than she expected. She was discovered (1)…….the driver, after he had completed a (2)…….of over 500 kilometers. It was (3)……end of a long day. The driver and the cat were both hungry! He gave her some milk and started making enquiries. He telephoned his last (4)……., but they had not lost a cat. It was getting late, so he took Bo home for the night and (5)…….morning brought her to an animal  hospital.
The cat’s owner (6)……done some detective work too. After searching everywhere for the cat, he suddenly remembered the furniture van (7)……had made a delivery to a neighbor. Fortunately he (8)…….the name of the company. He called their office and in a short time Bo was (9)…….safely.

1.  a) of         b) from       c) by

2.   a) trip       b) travel        c) tour

3.    a) an        b) some        c) the

4.   a) shoppers       b) buyers      c) customers

5.   a) next       b) following       c) other

6.   a) has       b) was        c) had

7.   a) what      b) this       c) which

8.   a) called      b) remembered       c) saw

9.   a) returned        b) taken       c) given

Раздел 3 (Письмо)

Ты получил письмо от своего друга из Англии по имени Tom Green, который пишет…

… I live in Manchester. I like my city very much but sometimes the people here are not very friendly and they don’t try to keep our city clean and beautiful. And do you enjoy living in a small town? How do you spend your spare time there?
Anyway, I’m thinking of travelling to Russia next summer. Could you tell me what weather to expect?

Напиши ему ответ, согласно правилам написания письма другу.
 Объем высказывания 80-100 слов.

Чтение (35 баллов)

1 задание (7 заданий по 2 балла, всего 14 баллов)

1    2    3    4    5    6    7
E    H    A    G    D    F    C

2 задание (7 заданий по 3 балла, всего 21 балл)

1    2    3    4    5    6    7
b    c    a    b    a    c    b
Лексико-грамматический тест (35 баллов)

1.    13 заданий по 2 балла, всего 26 баллов

 1-c, 2-b, 3-b, 4-c, 5-c, 6-a, 7-a, 8-c, 9-c, 10-b, 11-c, 12-a, 13-b
2.    9 заданий по 1 баллу, всего 9 баллов

1-c, 2-a, 3-c, 4-c, 5-a, 6-c, 7-c, 8-b, 9-a

Письмо (20 баллов)
содержание – 10 баллов
лексика – 5 баллов
грамматика – 5 баллов

Олимпиада по английскому языку для 7-8 классов

1. They want to build…

  1. a church

  2. a new shopping centre and a car park

  3. a car park

2. In the historical part of Canterbury.. .

  1. the streets are too narrow

  2. there is a shopping centre

  3. there is enough out-of-town shopping

3. The owners of small shops are

  1. happy

  2. poor

  3. nervous

4. The meeting will take place

A) on Tuesday

B) on Thursday

C) on Saturday

5. The boy was playing

A) near the river

B) near the lake

C) on the grass

6. Labrador was

  1. a 4-year old dog

  2. a 6-year old dog

  3. a very old dog

7. The dog pulled the boy

  1. by the collar

  2. by the sleeve

  3. by the jacket

8. The boy’s parents bought the dog …as a reward

A) a new collar

B ) a special meal

C) a new toy

9. There were … in the wallet

  1. 5 000 pounds

  2. 15 000 pounds

  3. 5 000 dollars

10. The man who left the wallet was…

  1. 60 and had a moustache

  2. 60 and had a beard

  3. 60 and was thin

TASK 2 READING (10 points)

Time: 20 minutes

  1. Read the text and do the tasks below.

A company in Japan is selling a new drink. Their new drink is a powerful mixture of powered ginseng root, a fun­gus from the skin of caterpillars and reptile's blood. This strange drink, people say, is helping Chinese women athletes to win gold medals at international athletics meetings. The Japanese firm says that this mixture can do wonderful things for ordinary people too.

Mr. Ma Junwen is the trainer of the Chinese women's athletics team. He created the recipe for this peculiar cock­tail of roots and fungus and blood specially for the team. His runners train in the mountains of central China. They run 30 or 40 kilometres every day, so they are all very strong runners. But they all drink Ma's cocktail every day too ... and they are winning more medals nowadays than they did before. And Mr. Ma is trying to market his odd mixture through the company in Japan. People in Japan know about Ma's runners and they are rushing to buy a bottle of his amazing drink.

So Mr. Ma is winning, too, not only runners. Before he invented his drink, he was not a rich man, but now he is making a lot of money from the drink, and people in Japan love it!

Write down whether the following sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  1. Mr. Ma is helping Japanese sportswomen.

  2. This drink is a mixture consisting of different ingredients.

  3. This mixture was created for sale.

  4. Mr. Ma was a rich man before.

  5. A Japanese company is now selling the drink in China.

  1. The parts of the following text are all mixed up. Put them in the right order

  1. Balzac, the famous French writer, was a man of great talent. He was very proud of his ability to tell a person's character by his or her handwriting. He often told his friends that he could tell anyone's char­acter exactly by his handwriting. So one lady friend decided to give it a test.

  1. The lady was surprised. She smiled and explained that this was Balzac's own exercise book which he used when he was a little boy.

  1. She brought him a young boy's exercise book. She said she wanted to know what Balzac thought of the boy's character.

  1. He decided to tell the truth. The boy's exercise book
    showed that it was written by a bad, lazy fellow with no respect
    to other people.

(E) She told him that the boy wasn't her son and asked him
to tell her the truth. Balzac studied the boy's handwriting very

TASK 3 USE OF ENGLISH (35 points)

Time: 25 minutes

1. Transform the words printed with capital letters so that they grammatically and lexically corresponded to the text. Fill in the gaps with these words.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre (7 points)

The Globe Theatre is a faithful RECONSTRUCT (1)

of the ____________________ open-air playhouse designed ORIGIN (2)

in 1599, where Shakespeare worked and for which he wrote

many of his ____________ plays. GREAT (3)

Each year the Globe Theatre Company rediscovers the energetic

____________ between the audience and the actor in the unique RELATION (4)

building. The Globe also welcomes _________________theatre NATIONAL (5)

companies to share the impact Shakespeare’s plays have had

worldwide. Today, audiences sit in a gallery or stand ________ as FORMAL(6)

a grounding in the yard, just as they

would have done _____________400 years ago. NEAR (7)

2. Choose the right variant (8 points)

1. I broke my leg yesterday and I … take part in the football match.

a) can’t b) couldn’t c) could

2. Mr Garret … have a personal bank account.

a) doesn’t b) don’t c) isn’t

3. … birthday is it next week?

a) Whose b) Whom c) Who

4. Run downstairs. Your sister … for you.

a) waits b) waiting c) is waiting

5. Perhaps they …a new house next year.

a) will buy b) buy c) shall buy

6. Don’t worry about your letter. I … it yesterday.

a) have sent b) sent c) send

7. Timothy can play cricket well, …?

a) doesn’t he? b) can he? c) can’t he?

8. My elder sister is afraid … height.

a) - b) of c) with

  1. Correct the mistakes. Write down the corrected word. (10 points)

Example: (0) Put on this shoes.


  1. Who invented America?


  1. Did she found her father?


  1. There are ten fingers on my feet?


  1. Please remember me to take it.


  1. Are you fond of play football?


  1. It is a well thing, buy it.


  1. Give me the others sweets?


  1. This building is more modern then that church.


  1. Do not loose our money.


  1. Are there much pupils absent?


4. Read the text and open the brackets. (10 points)

The History of Man

How long has man been on the earth? Let us travel 5,000 years into the past. We are in the days before

man 1 (learn) __________________ to write. Recorded history 2 (not begin)_________________ yet.

Let us go further into the past to 8,000 years ago. We are in a world without cities or towns, houses or

roads. Yet there are people, about five million of them, 3 (live)__________________ on all five

continents. They have cows and horses and they 4 (farm)__________________ the land. To find the

first man we must 5 (go)_____________ many hundreds of thousands of years into the past. The

earliest true human being, Homo sapiens, appeared in Europe more than 50,000 years ago.

TASK 4 WRITING (10 points)

Time: 30 minutes

Your friend from Great Britain is going to come to Moscow. Write him/her a letter (100 words) Describe what you are going to see together.

Answer the following questions:

1) How long is he going to stay in Moscow?

2) What places of interest would you like to visit?

3) What Russian food would he like to try?

Maximum points: 65 points

Критерии оценивания задания «Личное письмо» (TASK 4)

Задание выполнено полностью: даны полные ответы на три заданных вопроса. Правильно выбрано обращение, завершающая фраза и подпись; есть благодарность, упоминание о предыдущих контактах, выражена надежда на будущие контакты

Задание выполнено: даны ответы на три заданных вопроса, но на один ответ дан неполный ответ. Есть 1-2 нарушения в стилевом оформлении письма И/ИЛИ отсутствует благодарность, упоминание о предыдущих/будущих контактах

Задание выполнено частично: даны ответы на заданные вопросы, НО на два вопроса даны неполные ответы ИЛИ ответ на один вопрос отсутствует.

Имеется более 2-х нарушений в стилевом оформлении письма и в соблюдении норм вежливости

Задание не выполнено: отсутствуют ответы на два вопроса ИЛИ текст письма не соответствует требуемому объему

Текст логично выстроен и разделен на абзацы; правильно использованы язы­ко­вые средства для передачи логической связи; оформление текста соответствует нормам письменного этикета, принятого в стране изучаемого языка

Текст в основном логично выстроен, НО имеются недостатки (1-2) при использовании средств логической И/ИЛИ делении на абзацы ИЛИ имеются отдельные нарушения в структурном оформлении текста письма

Текст выстроен нелогично; допущены многочисленные ошибки в структурном оформлении письма ИЛИ оформление текста не соответствует нормам письменного этикета

Использована разнообразная лексика и различные грамматические структуры, соответствующие

поставлен­ной коммуникатив-ной задачей (допускается не более 2-х языковых ошибок, не затрудняющих понимание)

Имеются языковые ошибки, не затрудняющие понимание (допускается не более 4-х негрубых языковых ошибок) ИЛИ языковые ошибки отсутствуют, но используются

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку. Школьный этап 7-8 классы

  1. How is Tricia going to travel to Italy?

  1. She is going there by train.

  2. Her brother is going to drive her there.

  3. She is going there by plane.

  1. What is Tricia going to do in Italy?

  1. To study painting and Italian.

  2. To dance all the evenings.

  3. To sunbathe on the beach.

  1. In France Greg is going to spend

  1. a couple of nights.

  2. a night.

  3. a week.

  1. On the first week in Greece Greg is going to

  1. visit some towns on mainland.

  2. stay in Delphi.

  3. visit some islands.

  1. Reading

Gulliver’s Travels

My father had a small house in Nottinghamshire. I was the third of five sons. When I was seventeen years old, I was sent to Mr. James Bates, a well-known doctor in London, with whom I worked and studied for four years.

When I left Mr. Bates, I began to work as a ship doctor on  the Swallow.

(1)______ After that I decided to stay in London. I bought a part of a small house and married Miss Mary Burton. But life in London was not easy.  (2)______. I spoke to my wife and some of my friends, and decided to become a ship doctor again.

I agreed to go with Captain William Prichard, who was making a voyage to the South Seas on board the Antelope. We started from Bristol on the 4th of May, 1699. (3)_____. But when we were sailing across the Indian Ocean, a terrible storm began which carried our ship to the east for many days. Twelve of our sailors died of hard work and bad food, the others were ill. On the 5th of November which was the beginning of summer in those parts, our ship struck a rock.  (4)______ I cannot tell what became of my companions, and of those sailors who remained on the ship and on the rock, but I think that  they were all drowned. I swam where the wind and the waves carried me.

I was very tired, but just when I could swim no more, I felt the bottom with my feet. (5)______ I walked a little inland, but didn’t see any houses or people. I lay on the grass, which was very short and soft, and slept more than nine hours.

A. Soon I found I could not make enough money.

B. I sailed for three years and a half on that ship and made voyages to the Mediterranean Sea and some other parts of the world.

C. I walked nearly a mile in the water before I got to the shore.

D. For a long time the weather was fine.

E. I got into a boat with five sailors, but soon our boat was overturned by a great wave.

III . Use of English.

Task 1

The town mouse and the country mouse.

Once upon a time, there were two 1__________ - cousins. MOUSE

One lived in the town and the other in the country. The Town Mouse thought

that living was 2_________than living in the country. So one day, he invited GOOD

country cousin to stay with him. They 3___________down to a meal, which to SIT

the country mouse was a feast. 4 ____________there was a loud noise at the door. SUDDEN

“Don’t worry,” said the Town Mouse, “that’s just my neighbor, the dog, he

wants to join us for dinner”. The Country Mouse 5 _________a little EAT

faster. Another noise was heard outside, even 6 ________ this time. LOUD

“Oh dear “ said the Town Mouse, “the cat wants to join us too”. 7_________ QUICK

Eating the last of his meal, the Country Mouse said, ”Thank you, but I think

I will return to the peace and quiet of my own house after all !” Then he 8______ RUN

back home as fast as his legs could carry him.

Task 2

Stamp collecting is a hobby that young and adult people find interesting. Yet, to some people it may seem like a (1) _____ of time. Why do millions of people (2) _____ up this hobby in childhood and don’t give it (3) _____ during their lives? Here are some reasons that stamp collectors give. Colourful stamps reflect every subject you can imagine: animals, sports, maps, cars, ships, movie stars and more. It doesn’t (4) _____ what your interests are, you can always find stamps for your liking. Collecting stamps develops your (5) _____ of different countries, things, people, places and events. You can join a club to (6) _____ with other people and share ideas there. You can also be (7) _____ in community events like local stamp shows.


1) use

2) change

3) waste


1) get

2) take

3) have


1) up

2) in

3) out


1) mind

2) matter

3) concern


1) skills

2) knowledge

3) personality


1) mix

2) enjoy

3) hang


1) volunteered

2) supported

3) involved

Task 3

Каждой английской пословице подберите соответствующую русскую пословицу. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. 1. Diamond cut diamond.

2. Caution is the parent of safety.

3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

4. Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

5. Fine words butter no parsnips.

6. First come, first served.

7. Forbidden fruit is sweetest.

8. The game is not worth the candle.

9. Every been has its black .

10. Honey catches more flies than vinegar.

a) И на солнце есть пятна.

b) Нашла коса на камень.

c) Не делай из мухи слона.

d) Береженого бог бережет.

e) Соловья баснями не кормят.

f) Игра не стоит свеч.

g) Доброе слово и кошке приятно.

h) Руби дерево по себе.

i) Первому гостю — первое место и красная ложка.
j) Запретный плод сладок











  1. Writing

You have got a letter from your English – speaking pen- friend Mary.

My hobby is acting. I spend most of my time in our drama club. We give performances in English and Spanish. This term we performed ”Tom Sawyer” at the local nursing home.

What clubs are there in your school? What hobbies are popular with your classmates? What hobby would you like to take up ? Why?

Write a letter to Jane and answer her 3 questions.

Write 90- 110 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.


Олимпиада по английскому языку 7-8 класс

Школьный этап всероссийской олимпиады школьников по английскому языку

2014/2015 учебного года

Всероссийская олимпиада

школьников по

английскому языку

(школьный этап)

2014-2015 учебного года

(7-8 классы)

Письменная часть олимпиады (конкурс понимания устной речи, конкурс понимания письменной речи, лексико-грамматический тест, конкурс письменной речи)

(7-8 классы)

В комплект материалов, необходимых для проведения письменной части олимпиады, входят:

  1. Описание процедуры проведения письменной части олимпиады

  2. Методические рекомендации проведения конкурсов

  3. Описание процедуры проведения конкурса понимания устной речи

  4. Текст заданий (для каждого участника)

  5. Бланк ответов (для каждого участника)

  6. Ключи (для членов жюри)

  7. Диск с записью звучащего текста в формате MP3 (для прослушивания в каждой аудитории)

8. Текст записи (для членов жюри)

9. Протокол конкурса письменной речи (для членов жюри)

  1. Шкала критериев оценивания конкурса письменной речи (для членов жюри)

Уважаемый участник школьного этапа всероссийской олимпиады по английскому языку!

Олимпиада состоит из двух основных частей – письменной части и устной части. Письменная часть олимпиады состоит из конкурса понимания устной речи (aудирования), конкурса понимания письменной речи (чтения), лексико-грамматического теста и конкурса письменной речи. Устная часть олимпиады включает в себя конкурс устной речи (говорение).

Рекомендованное время для выполнения каждого конкурса указано в самих заданиях. Общая продолжительность письменной части олимпиады – 115 минут. Время, отводимое на устное высказывание – 2 минуты.

Максимальное количество баллов, которое можно получить за каждый из конкурсов, указано в самих заданиях. Максимальное количество баллов, которое можно получить за выполнение всех заданий олимпиады – 110 (85 баллов за письменную часть и 25 баллов за устную часть).

Желаем успехов!


Рекомендуемое время для выполнения заданий конкурса – 20 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 20 (2 балла за каждый правильный ответ)

Прослушайте короткую историю и ответьте на вопросы, приведённые ниже, выбрав единственно правильный вариант из 3 предложенных (A-C). Занесите свои ответы (А-С) в бланк ответов.

1. When does the action takes place?

A. in autumn

B. in winter

C. in spring

2. Which of these girls was the oldest?

A. Amy

B. Jo

C. Beth

3. Where was their mother?

A. She was visiting sick soldiers in hospital.

B. She went to see some people she knew.

C. She was working.

4. What were the four sisters doing in front of the fire?

A. They were making something with their own hands.

B. They were discussing soldiers.

C. They were thinking what to prepare for supper.

5. Why did Beth think they were lucky?

A. because they were rich

B. because they were a united family

C. because they were poor and had parents

6. Beth …

A. liked strangers.

B. was not afraid of strangers like everyone else in the family.

C. was scared of strangers.

7. What Beth and Amy begin to do at 6 o’clock?

A. cook food

B. lay the table

C. clean the kitchen

8. Mrs. March …

A. had a special name for each of her daughters.

B. had a nickname.

C. was very beautiful.

9. What surprise did Mrs March have for her daughters?

A. She had Christmas gifts for all of them.

B. She had a message from Mr March.

C. She had some news from Mr March.

10. Mr March expected his daughters …

A. to look after their mother well.

B. to think of him every day.

C. to reply to his Christmas message.


Рекомендуемое время для выполнения заданий конкурса – 20 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 10 (1 балл за каждый правильный ответ)

Прочтите текст и ответьте на вопросы (1-10), приведённые ниже, выбрав один правильный вариант из трёх предложенных (A-С). Занесите свои ответы (A-С) в бланк ответов.

He climbed up on to a stool by the window and looked out. There was a large, interesting garden below, with a small pond and several trees which looked good for climbing. Beyond the trees he could see some more houses stretching away into the distance. He decided it must be wonderful living in a house like this all the time. He stayed where he was, thinking about it, until the window became steamed up and he couldn’t see out any more. Then he tried writing his name on the cloudy part with his paws. He began to wish it wasn’t quite so long, as he soon ran out of cloud and it was rather difficult to spell.

“All the same” – he climbed on to the dressing-table and looked at himself in the mirror – “it’s a very important name. And I don’t expect there are many bears in the world called "> If he’d only known, Judy was saying exactly the same thing to Mr Brown at that very moment. The Browns were holding a council of war in the dining-room, and Mr Brown was fighting a losing battle. It had been Judy’s idea in the first place to keep "> “After all, Henry,” argued Mrs Brown, “you can’t turn him out now. It wouldn’t be right.”

Mr Brown sighed. He knew when he was beaten. It wasn’t that he didn’t like the idea of keeping "> “I’m sure we ought to report the matter to someone first,” he said.

“I don’t see why, Dad,” cried Jonathan. “Besides, he might get arrested for having come illegally from another country if we do that.”

Mrs Brown put down her knitting. “Jonathan’s right, Henry. We can’t let that happen. It’s not as if he’s done anything wrong. I’m sure he didn’t harm anyone travelling in a lifeboat like that.”

“Then there’s the question of pocket money,” said Mr Brown, weakening. “I’m not sure how much pocket money to give a bear.”

“He can have a pound a week, the same as the other children,” replied Mrs Brown.

Mr Brown lit his pipe carefully before replying.

“Well,” he said, “we’ll have to see what Mrs Bird has to say about it first, of course.” There was a triumphant chorus from the rest of the family.

“You’d better ask her then,” said Mrs Brown, when the noise had died down. “It was your idea.”

Mr Brown coughed. He was a little bit afraid of Mrs Bird and he wasn’t at all sure how she would take it. He was about to suggest they left it for a little while when the door opened and Mrs Bird herself came in with the tea things. She paused for a moment and looked round at the sea of expectant faces.

“I suppose,” she said, “you want to tell me you’ve decided to keep that young "> “May we, Mrs Bird?” pleaded Judy. “Please! I’m sure he’ll be very good.”

“Humph!” Mrs Bird put the tray down on the table. “That remains to be seen. Different people have different ideas about being good. All the same,” she hesitated at the door, “he looks the sort of bear that means well.”

“Then you don’t mind, Mrs Bird?” Mr Brown asked her.

Mrs Bird thought for a moment. “No. No, I don’t mind at all. I’ve always had a soft spot for bears myself. It’ll be nice to have one about the house.”

1. "> A. inside the house.

B. outside the house.

C. on the roof of the house.

2. "> A. had lived in the house long.

B. would like to live in the house.

C. liked to climb the trees in the garden.

3. "> A. he had a unique name.

B. many bears had the same name as he did.

C. his name was not very important.

4. … said that they wanted to keep "> A. All the Browns

B. All the Browns except Mr Brown

C. Only the children

5. Mrs Brown said that it was not right …

A. to keep the bear at home.

B. to tell the bear to leave the house.

C. to give the bear any money.

6. Jonathan …

A. had seen "> B. had come up with the idea of keeping "> C. thought it would be great to keep "> 7. Mr Brown …

A. didn’t like the idea of keeping "> B. had to think about keeping "> C. said that he was as keen on the idea of keeping "> 8. Mrs Brown …

A. came up with the idea of giving "> B. didn’t want to keep the bear.

C. thought that "> 9. When Mrs Bird entered the room …

A. she could understand that Mr Brown was a little afraid of her.

B. she felt what the Browns wanted to ask her.

C. she was sure that the bear would be very good.

10. Mrs Bird said that …

A. she wasn’t against keeping "> B. it remained to be seen if they could keep "> C. she liked bears because they were soft.


Рекомендуемое время для выполнения заданий конкурса – 30 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 30 (1 балл за каждый правильный ответ в заданиях 1-20 и 2 балла за каждый правильный ответ в заданиях 21-25)

Часть 1


В какой части предложения (A-D) допущена ошибка? Занесите свои ответы (A-D) в бланк ответов.

1. John was happy because he had got the bicycle for his birthday.


2. Jack is not home. He had gone to school.


3. He listens music every day because he likes it a lot.


Часть 2


Прочитайте текст о появлении джинсов и заполните пропуски словами, подходящими по смыслу. Занесите эти слова в бланк ответов.

Levi Strauss, a young immigrant 4 ____________ Germany arrived in San Francisco in 1850. There was Gold Rush in California at that time. Thousands of men were coming 5 ____________ California to dig for gold. And Levi Strauss came to sell canvas 6 ____________ these gold miners. Canvass is a heavy fabric. So Levi Strauss thought the miners could use the canvas for tents.

One day Strauss heard a miner complain that he couldn’t find clothes strong enough for the work he 7 ____________ doing. Strauss got an idea. He quickly took some of his canvas and made it into pants. These pants were what the miners needed. In one day Strauss sold all the pants he 8 ____________ made.

Часть 3


В каждой из частей (9-13) нижеприведённого продолжения текста о появлении джинсов присутствует ОДНО лишнее слово. Найдите это слово и занесите его в бланк ответов.

9. Strauss wanted to improve his pants. He wanted to make them even more better.

10. He bought a fabric that was softer than canvas but just as strong. This fabric came from Nimes, a city in the France, and was called serge de Nimes.

11. The miners liked this fabric. They called it for “denim” (from de Nimes) and bought even more pants from Strauss.

12. However, denim had no color. Because of this the denim pants did not look a very interesting, and they got dirty easily. To solve these problems, Strauss dyed the denim blue.

13. Strauss continued to improve his jeans. Today, the company he started is known around the world. And jeans are considered not just practical but very fashionable as well too.

Часть 4


Прочтите текст об одном из американских праздников и заполните каждый пробел (14-20) подходящим по смыслу словом, выбранным из списка (A-D). Занесите свои ответы (A-D) в бланк ответов.


On the fourth Thursday in November, in houses around the United States, families get together for a feast, or a large meal. Almost all families eat turkey and cranberry sauce for this meal, and have pumpkin pie for dessert. This feast is 14 ____________ of a very special day, the holiday of Thanksgiving.

In 1620 the Pilgrims made a difficult trip across the ocean from England. They landed in what is now Massachusetts. In England the Pilgrims had not been allowed to freely practice their religion. So they went to the New World in search of religious 15 ____________ .

The Pilgrims’ first winter was very hard. Almost half the group died of cold, hunger, and disease. 16 ____________ the Indians of Massachusetts taught the Pilgrims to plant corn, to hunt, and to fish. When the next fall came, the Pilgrims had plenty of food. They were thankful and had a feast to give thanks. They 17 ____________ the Indians to join them. This was the first Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving became a national holiday many years later because 18 ____________ a woman named Sarah Hale. For forty years Sarah Hale wrote to each president and asked for a 19 ____________ of Thanksgiving. At last she was successful. In 1863 President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a holiday.

How much is Thanksgiving today like the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving? In many ways they are 20 ____________ . For example, historians think that the Pilgrims ate deer, not turkey. The idea of Thanksgiving, though, is very much the same: Thanksgiving is a day on which Americans celebrate and give thanks.

Часть 5


Переведите данные предложения с русского языка на английский. Занесите свои предложения в бланк ответов.

21. Я уже посмотрел фильм, о котором ты сейчас рассказываешь.



22. Родители Боба сейчас в Лондоне.


23. Я буду дома в 3 часа во вторник. Я буду делать свои уроки.



24. В холодильнике было много молока.


25. Что он сказал тебе вчера?



Рекомендуемое время на выполнение задания конкурса – 45 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 25 (10 баллов за содержание + 15 баллов за грамотность)

Напишите короткий рассказ, который начинается словами “Marry was thinking what present to give her friend for her birthday.” Количество слов – не менее 80 (максимальный объём не ограничен). Перенесите свой рассказ в бланк ответов.

Устная часть олимпиады (конкурс устной речи)

(7-8 классы)

В комплект материалов, необходимых для проведения конкурса устной речи, входят:

  1. Методические рекомендации

  2. Описание процедуры проведения конкурса устной речи

  3. Карточки участников (№1 - №3) с заданиями (по 2 экземпляра)

  4. Протокол устного ответа (для членов жюри)

  5. Критерии оценивания конкурса устной речи (для членов жюри)


Рекомендуемое время для выполнения задания – 2 минуты

Максимальное количество баллов – 25 (10 баллов за содержание + 15 баллов за грамотность)



CARD № 1

Give a three-minute talk on places in your city youngsters can go out to in their leisure time.

Remember to mention

Олимпиада по английскому языку для 7-8 класса

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников

I (школьный) этап

Английский язык

7-8 классы

Комплект для учителя

Общее время выполнения работы – 70 минут

Максимальное количество баллов – 65

Методические рекомендации

В комплект материалов, необходимых для проведения конкурса входят:

1. Методические рекомендации

2. Описание процедуры проведения конкурса

3. Текст задания

4. Ключи


Понимание устного текста (Listening)

На выполнение заданий отводится 10 минут, в которые входит и внесение ответов в ответные листы. Задание предъявляется дважды.

Правильность выполнения заданий проверяется по ключам.

Критерии оценивания: За каждый правильный ответ дается 1 балл. Максимальное количество баллов – 6.

Понимание письменного текста (Reading)

Задание по чтению направлено на понимание текста. От ученика требуется прочитать и понять текст, затем, прочитав высказывания под текстом. На выполнение задания отводится 15 минут, в которые входит и внесение ответов в ответные листы. Правильность выполнения заданий проверяется по ключам.

Критерии оценивания: За каждый правильный ответ дается 1 балл. Максимальное количество баллов – 6.

Лексико-грамматический тест (Use of English)

Учащиеся должны продемонстрировать соответствующий уровень владения лексическим материалом и умение оперировать им в условиях множественного выбора

Рекомендуемое время для выполнения всех заданий лексико-грамматического теста – 20 минут. Задание проверяется по ключам. Каждый правильный ответ оценивается в 1 балл. За неверный ответ или отсутствие ответа выставляется 0 баллов. Максимальное количество баллов – 38. К данному разделу отнесена социо-культурная компетенция.

Процедура проведения конкурса

Общие правила

  • Участники должны сидеть в аудитории на таком расстоянии друг от друга, чтобы не видеть работу соседа.

  • Участник может взять с собой в аудиторию ручку, очки, воду.

  • В аудиторию не разрешается брать бумагу, справочные материалы (словари, справочники, учебники и т.д.), пейджеры и мобильные телефоны, диктофоны, плейеры и любые другие технические средства.

  • Участник не может выйти из аудитории с заданием или листом ответов.

Процедура проведения

Каждому участнику перед началом выполнения заданий раздаются бланки с заданиями и проводится инструктаж на русском языке по процедуре проведения Олимпиады, заполнению листов ответов и по порядку их сдачи после окончания работы:

  • Участники заполняют Титульный лист с указанием названия работы, номера школы, класса, ФИО.

  • По окончании работы заполненный Лист ответов вкладывается в Титульный лист и отправляется в пункт шифровки.


  • Исправления на листах ответов ошибками не считаются; однако почерк должен быть понятным; спорные случаи (о или а) трактуются не в пользу участника.

  • Задания выполняются только черными или синими чернилами/ пастой (запрещены красные, зеленые чернила, карандаш).

Перед прослушиванием отрывка член жюри включает запись и дает возможность участникам прослушать самое начало записи. Затем запись выключается, и член жюри обращается к аудитории с вопросом, хорошо ли всем слышно. Если в аудитории кто-то из участников плохо слышит запись, регулируется громкость звучания, и устраняются все технические неполадки, влияющие на качество звучания. Затем запись включается с самого начала, не останавливается и прослушивается до самого конца.

Участники могут ознакомиться с вопросами до прослушивания.

Процедура аудирования читается самим учителем.  Запись задания предъявляется 2 раза подряд (допускается техническая пауза в 10-15 секунд).

Во время аудирования участники не могут задавать вопросы членам жюри или выходить из аудитории, так как шум может нарушить процедуру проведения конкурса.

Время проведения конкурса ограничено временем, необходимым для прослушивания представленных заданий. Каждое из заданий предъявляется дважды.

Участникам раздаются тексты заданий и бумага для черновиков. В тексте заданий даны все инструкции по выполнению заданий. Участники получают чистую бумагу для черновиков, черновик сдается вместе с листом ответов. Однако проверке подлежат только листы ответов. Черновики не проверяются.

Член жюри в аудитории должен зафиксировать время начала и окончания задания на доске.

За 15 и за 5 минут до окончания работы член жюри в аудитории должен напомнить об оставшемся времени и предупредить о необходимости тщательной проверки работы.

После окончания времени выполнения заданий, листы ответов собираются.

Сразу после написания олимпиады, работы участников передают руководителю ШМО, который. Проверка работ осуществляется на следующий день под руководством опытного руководителя дающего указания и инструкции группе проверяющих преподавателей. Критерии оценивания в виде таблицы выдаются на руки каждому проверяющему.

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников

I (школьный) этап

Английский язык

7-8  класс

Total maximum points – 65

Part 1. “Listening” (10 minutes)

Maximum points – 6

You are going to hear a teenager, Ben, talking to his sister, Erica, about his best friend, Liam. Listen to their conversation. Decide if each sentence 1–6 is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, put a tick in the box under for YES. If it is not correct, put a tick in the box under for NO.





1. Erica thinks Ben should see Liam more often

2. Ben enjoys travelling by road to see Liam

3. According to Ben, the train costs too much.

4. He says that Liam wants to visit him at weekends.

5. Ben says that Liam and he are still good friends.

6. Erica is sure that Liam knows how Ben feels.

Part 2 «Reading» (15 minutes)

Maximum points – 6

Read about the people in texts 7–12. They all would like to learn something new. Match schools/ courses A–G with the people whose interests they can satisfy. There is one letter you do not need to use.

  1. Edwina works for a multinational company with branches in most European countries. She really needs to learn French and German, but she has very little spare time and thinks it could be difficult to find time.

  2. Damian got his job as soon as he left school. He never had the chance to go to university. He isn’t very happy with his job, but he knows he can’t get a better one without a degree. He might try a part-time degree course if it’s not too demanding.

  3. Alice has a lot of time on her hands. She is a very creative person with a lot of imagination, which she really doesn’t use very much right now. She already has a lot of hobbies, but she’d rather learn something new that would let her use her imagination.

  4. Paul doesn’t work; he looks after the children while his wife goes to work. He would like to do something for himself, learn something new or take up a new hobby, but he needs to stay at home.

  5. Rhona is a school teacher. She teaches mathematics, but has always been interested in art and culture. She takes a great interest in the philosophy and civilization of the East. She may go to Vietnam next year.

  6. Philip finds his life boring. He works nine to five, but has no other interests and would like to find something to do in the evening, maybe enroll on a course to learn something new, but nothing too demanding.

.AThe Language School

Take courses in more than  just languages! You can learn about the culture and the history of the countries where the languages we teach are spoken! We specialize in less common languages spoken in Asia in the Far East.

B. The Internet School

We offer a variety of courses in over a hundred different subjects from accounting to interior design. You don’t have to attend the classes: all courses are offered 100% online. A certificate is mailed to you when you finish.

CProfessional Communication

Language courses in most European languages at all levels,  from beginners to advanced. Most of the coursework can be done online and you only need to attend classes once a fortnight on any evening. Ideal for busy professionals.

DAccess to Education

We have courses in economics, business administration and management, leading to a degree. The course programme is extremely flexible, ideal for working students, and uses a combination of online study and face-to-face tutorials. You may attend at a time that is convenient for you.

EBusiness Courses

Do you have a head for Business? Our dynamic courses will give you the know-how to keep up in an ever changing business world. Offering everything in between Business Administration and Accounting,  we have an opportunity to suit your learning style and needs. Two years of intense studying will lead you to a degree you are dreaming of.

FThe Writing Centre

The Centre offers creative writing courses and workshops for people who are interested in a career  as a writer. Lessons are two or three times a week. You can choose between writing a short story or a novel.

GThe Music Academy

We’ve just introduced part-time courses  in Jazz singing and/or playing the guitar specially for adults! All lessons take place in the evening. Courses for both beginners and more advanced students available!

Part 3 «Use of English» (20 minutes)

Maximum points – 38 

Task 1

Read the text below and choose  the correct word for each space. For each question 1322, mark the letter next to the correct word – ABC or D. The first one is done for you.

Example answer:   0 A  B C D


If you ask many people to (0) ____ a twentieth-century artist, they will suggest ‘Picasso’. Although he (13) _____ born in 1881 and died in 1973, the general public (14) ______ thinks of his work as modern art. His early paintings look traditional (15) ______ us nowadays, but his later work is less easy to understand, (16) ______ seventy years after he did it. One thing students should (17) ______ about Picasso is that he enjoyed a joke. This is clear (18) ______ we look at the drawings he made on dishes and pots. When we try to (19) ______ the importance of Picasso, we must not forget that he was a clever businessman as well as a great artist. Although poor when young, he was excellent (20) ______ selling his work, and he became extremely rich. He believed he was a great artist, and he could (21) ______ other people that he was too. Some people feel that there are other twentieth-century artists who should be (22) ______ famous, but this can only be decided in the future.




























































Task 2

Put each verb in brackets 23–39 in the correct tense and voice forms. The first one is done for you.

 An old school friend

When John  (0)  saw _______(see) the large crowd which  (23) __________ (gather) in the street, he wasn’t sure at first what (24) ________ (happen). There were so many people blocking the entrance to the hotel, that he (25) ___________ (have to push) his way through them to get to the door. At the door he (26) __________ (find) two policemen who (27) ________ (try) to hold the crowd back. ‘What on earth (28) __________ (go) on?’ he asked them. Then John noticed that some of the crowd (29) ___________ (hold) placards which read, ‘We  (30) _______ (love) you, Sally.’ Of course, that was it. Sally Good was a footballer, the first woman to play for England. Although John wasn’t really  interested in sport he  (31)__________ (decide) he (32)_________( join) the crowd and wait until she (33) __________ (appear). About ten minutes later, a smiling woman appeared and waved to the crowd. John  (34) __________ (take) completely by surprise when she (35) _______ (take) his arm and (36) __________ (say), ‘(37) _________ (you remember) me? I (38) _________ (be) the girl who (39) __________(use) to sit next to you at school.’


Task 3

Quiz. Choose the correct answer.

40. What is the capital of Australia?

  • a) Sydney

  • b) Canberra

  • c) Melbourne

41. The first Moscow Metro line ran from Sokolniki to …..

  • a) Tverskaya Street

  • b) Arbat Street

  • c) Gorky Park

42. Who is the author of the Lord of the Rings?

  • a) J. Rowling

  • b) J.R. Tolkien

  • c) G. Orwell

43. Which country celebrates Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday?

  • a) the USA

  • b) the UK

  • c) Australia

44. What is the name of England’s national saint?

  • a) St. George

  • b) St. Andrew

  • c) St. Patrick

45. Where is the White House located?

  • a) Washington DC

  • b) Washington

  • c) New York

46. The first Russian tsar to be crowned in Uspensky Cathedral in Moscow was

  • a) Peter the Great

  • b) Dmitriy Donskoy

  • c) Ivan the Terrible

47. Which famous battle was fought in England in 1066?

  • a) Battle of Waterloo

  • b) Battle of Hastings

  • c) Battle of Trafalgar

48. Who was the first president of the USA?

  • a) Theodore Roosevelt

  • b) George Washington

  • c) Abraham Lincoln

49. Which English king had six wives?

  • a) Henry IV

  • b) Henry VI

  • c) Henry VIII

50. Which animal may look at the Queen?

  • a) a lion

  • b) a dog

  • c) a cat

Part 4 «Writing» (25 minutes)

Maximum points – 15

In an English-language magazine you  saw the following announcement about a competition and decided to participate in it.

Welcome to the Internet!

Win a brand new laptop plus all the essential software  and a year’s free Internet access.

Write and tell us about the changes the Internet has brought about in the tourism industry in our country.

We will publish the winning article in next month’s issue.

Write your competition article.

In your article you should:

  • start with a title;

  • make an introduction ;

  • mention at least two positive and two negative changes the Internet has brought in the tourism industry in our country;

  • write if people can rely on the Internet when they travel;

  • give your ideas what the future for the Internet will be in the tourism industry in our country;

  • make a conclusion.

Write 180200 words.

Total maximum points – 65

KEYS Part 1 «Listening» Part 2 «Reading»













Part 3 «Use of English» Task 1





















Task 2






had gathered/ ‘d gathered /was gathering


would join/ ‘d join


had happened/ ‘d happened / was happening




had to push


was taken






were trying




is going


Do you remember


were holding


am/ ‘m/ was





Task 3
























Look at Part 1 ↑

Erica: So, Ben, how often do you and Liam actually get together these days?

Ben: Whenever I can, Erica. Usually about once every two months.

Erica: I don’t think that’s enough, really, to keep a friendship going. Couldn’t you
visit him each month, or ask him to come here?

Ben: Well, it’s a long way to go. More than 400 kilometres, I think.

Erica: How long does it take?

Ben: Over six hours, each way. So you spend half the weekend on the coach, going
up and down the motorway. It’s so boring.

Erica: How about taking the train? Wouldn’t that be quicker?

Ben: I don’t think I could afford it. The fares are really high.

Erica: Why don’t you get a student travel card? Your tickets would be a lot cheaper.

Ben: Hmm. That’s an idea.

Erica: And Liam could get one, too. Then he could sometimes come here on
Saturdays and Sundays to see you.

Ben: I don’t think he’s keen on doing that. He likes his new town a lot. He wants to
stay there at weekends, he says.

Erica: I see. So you go and see him, but he never comes here.

Ben: I’m sure that’s because there’s so much to do there. It’s an exciting town, and I
know he’s made new friends there. But we get on really well and we are not suddenly
going to stop being friends.

Erica: No, I’m not saying that at all. But maybe you need to remind him that you’ve
been friends since you were little kids. And tell him how important a friend he is to
you. He might not realise that, especially with all the changes in his life right now.


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