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Тренировка чтения на английском языке 2 класс – Летняя тетрадь с упражнениями по английскому языку 2 класс ( УМК М.З. Биболетовой «Enjoy English»)

Упражнения для чтения по английскому языку, 2 класс (закрытый слог)

Тренировочные упражнения для отработки чтения гласных в закрытом слоге.

  1. Буква – a, звук [ᴂ]

Прочитай вслух слова.

Cat, fat, Ann, can, bad, and, Sam, rabbit, sad, flag, carrot, ram, dam, jam, lap, map, nap, fan, man, pan, hat, mat, rat, bat, sat, cannot, granddad, madam, has got.

Прочитай вслух предложения.

A cat is fat. A rat sat on the cat. Pat sat on the mat. Pat is a fat rat. Pat has a cat and a hat. Fat black cat sat on

a hat.

  1. Буква – e, звук [e]

Прочитай вслух слова.

Pen, ten, hen, test, bell, red, Ben, best, smell, red, pet, desk, help, let’s, letter, pencil, dress, tennis.

Прочитай вслух предложения.

Ten pets and seven pens. Ben has got a pencil. Red beds and desks.

  1. Буква – i, звук [i]

Прочитай вслух слова.

Pig, big, is, his, in, it, skip, slim, sing, bit, film, silk, mix, pin, lip, Jim, J

ill, Tim, Bill, sit, big, six, pink, pin, tip, win.

Прочитай вслух предложения.

His pig, a big pig, six pigs. Tim sings. Jill swims. Jim skips. His pig is big. It is six. Bill is slim. Tim is six. His pig is big. I like milk and fish. Kim swims in the river in winter. A pink pig can dig. A pig is big. Tim and Jill sit on the hill. He is six and he has a sister.

  1. Буква – o, звук [ɒ]

Прочитай вслух


Dog, not, Bob, Tom, frog, Bob’s dog, clock, on, stop, got, is not, cannot, has got, cockerel.

Прочитай вслух предложения.

Bob is a frog who [hu] likes to hop. It is hot. A dog is in the pond. Tom has got a box and a fox. Molly has got a doll and a roll.

  1. Буква – u, звук [ʌ]

Прочитай вслух слова.

Run, duck, but, up, jump, mum, sun, bus, must, fun, bug, cup, gun, trust, must, trust, cut, puppy, puzzle, hurry, drum, j

ust, under.

Прочитай вслух предложения.

The duck and pup get on the bus. The duck can jump. The pup can run. The bus hits a bump. The duck jumps up. The duck and pup fuss. The bus is no fun for us.

  1. Соедини слово и его транскрипцию


























[stɒp] [dɒna]




kitten milk












nut drum






  1. Распредели слова по правилам чтения

Cat, tip, bus, frog, fat, help, cup, top, belt, not, disc, mug, log, mat, hot, cut, film, hog, sit, bulk.






Упражнения на отработку навыков чтения 2 класс

Тренировочные упражнения для чтения по английскому языку.


dee — deed – deep

be – been – beet

me – meed – meet

fee – feed – feet


ten – pen

den – men

Ted – bed

Net – vent


let – tell

led – bell

leep – peel

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

Bee, dene, bet, dent, beet, end, men, bede, peep, dell, bend, den, mete






[i: — i]

Pete – pit

bede – bid

teen – tin

feet – fit


time – tie

pine – pie

life – lie

my – mine – type

by – live – life

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

mine, type, bid, did, fine, pit, five, vine, me, meet, lend, mete, eve,  seem, pep, beef, ebb, see, send, pie, type, tin, fine, pin, lip, pile, line, sit, fit, set, best, sin, fist, miss, pens, less, lends, Bess, seems, size, zest, send

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, обращая внимание на произнесение окончания множественного числа:

Pens, sets, beds, tips, bees, pits, lips, lies, bibs, nets, seeds, tests, lids


am        Ann

man      flat

map      bad

lamp     plan

[æ — e]

man – men

tan – ten

pan – pen

bad – bed


main – may

pain – pay

name – nay

date – day

[e – ei]

men – mane

pen – pane

let – late

met – mate

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

Pale, date, ban, tape, fate, mad, say, same, fat, day, Sam, lane, land, tame, Spane, faint, aim, leave, bede, beat, deed, lean, mean, seat, nice

Line, pin, pine, dene, fine, man, dent, Ann, nice, same, Sam, bet, bed, dine, did, May, fit, style, vet, bay, sat, till, file, faint, ease, pet, tin, veal, slip, stay


can         cake

came     make

keep       peak


gap          bag

gave        beg

give         big

[k — ɡ]

back – bag

lack – lag

sick – big


she      fish

shy      dash

sheep   dish










theme – thee

thin – then

faith – bathe

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

cap,  can, ice, came, nice, cat, neck, mice, fast, fact, space, peck, pace, kin, keen, pact, face, gate, gem, gas, age, gym, page, egg, gin, game, beg, gag, jam, Jim, Jack, Jane, sky, shame, dish, she, ship, shape, shave, fish, shine, chest, chin, match, catch, fetch, chick, chill, this, that, these, that, them, theme, faith, thick, thin


he         hay

his        hat

him       hand


red         read

rain         risk

rest         rent


start – tart

arm – cart

large – lark

farm – park


bang – ring

sang – sing

fang – thing

[ŋ — n]

bang – ban

fang – fan

thing – thin


bang – bank

 sang – sank

sing – sink

thing – think






Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

risk, red, ripe, read, rest, rally, hand, hay, hip, hate, heap, help, hide, yes, yell, easy, daddy, yet, yelp, my, by, myth, next, text, exam, sex, six, sixty, ring, thing, fang, bring, sing, gang, sling, drink, link, clink, pink, prank

shelf, shy, sheet, dash, fish, chain, chick, change, catch, patch, mine, cage, fill, mile, Spain, miss, ice, page, back, space, click, game, gem, let, lest, gay, set, lay, say, lack, icy












go – tone

no – note

so – smoke










[ou — ɔ]

go – got

note – not

hope – hop

coke – cock

[ɔ: — ɔ — ou]

sport – spot – spoke

torn – top – tone

lord – lot – lone

cord – cot – cope

North – not – note

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

note, lot, lone, nod, code, cot, tone, cope, dot, sock, hot, pope, doll, hop, bone, tool, moon, look, doom, took, fool, cool, shook, loop, cook, choose, hook, sport, torn, corn, gorge, cork, or, fork

lead, steel, meat, bet, lest, tip, tiny, type, myth, mice, stay, plain, star, farm, cart, cell, cod, sing, cling, bank, rank, spin


up – cup

us – bus

un – bun

ugly – hurry

[Ʌ — a: ]

cut – cart

duck – dart

much – March

buck – bark

[Ʌ — æ]

hum – ham

fun – fan

bun – ban

cup – cap






[w –v]

wet – vet

wine – vine

west – vest

very well


 boy – voice

coy – coin

toy – point






Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

Cup, cube, but, nut, mute, butter, rung, huge, wake, weak, wig, waver, wine, wink, way, weed, wit, coin, boy, point, join, toy, noisy, joy, now, how, yellow, bow, Moscow, town, vow, window, gown, down, out, ounce, foul, noun, scout, count, seller, actor


fur – firm – first

 sir – burn – burst

her – turn – thirst

[ə: — ɔ:]

burn – born

turn – torn

cur – corn

[ə:- e]

burn – Ben

turn – ten

bird – bed

[ə:  — ou]

burn – bone

turn – tone

cur – cone

[wɔ – wɔ:]

wasp – war

want – warm

what – ward

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

term, first, bird, third, stern, turn, Byrd, furs, curl, curt, serf, curb, herb, want, wash, was, watch, watt, whale, wharf, wheat, ward, when, whether, which, whiff, whip,  warn, whole, warp, why

cat, bunch, pinch, rice, will, chest, sister, frost, lick, sly, pace, lunch, rib, from, luck, cry, chat, shy, chill, sky, hale, rose, spine, till, spider, vine, till, sniff, maze, pan, reader






air             care

pair            Mary

fair             parents


















[wə: — wɔ: — wou]

were – war – woe

 word – ward – wove

work – warn – woke

worm – warm – won’t

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

leer, beer, peer, veer, teem, fee, wee, bee, feel, air, fair, hair, stairs, pair, plane, Spane, faint, care, fare, mare, stare, bare, rare, pure, cure, during, fire, mire, tire, shire, here, sere, mere, our, flour, sour, world, worm, worship, word, worthy

fate, fat, far, fare, Peter, pet, pert, here, style, gyps, Byrd, tyre, file, fill, first, fired, tube, tub, turn, cure, bone, lot, form, store

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

quite, quick, quest, quiz, quaver, quits, small, fall, tall, call, all, chalk, walk, talk, stalk, calk, new, few, stew, pew, hew, pewter, hewn, news, write, wrest,  wrung, wrist, wring, wreck, wrap, wry, wrong, English, angry, angle, high, nigh, right, night, bright, might, light, fight

she, meek, reel, grim, happy, pony, sack, lad, darn, got, lard, pond, mule, bloom, butter, ugly, rudder, sink, mill, fuss, hobby, fly, cube, seep, pep, send, stove, made, Sam, pane, sand, plate, mean, heat, pine, sty, teach, close, clock, shelf, cock, tape, tone, bud, fun, fume, laid, bay, tube, far, hard, term, bird, skirt, thirsty, icy, free, party,  peg, gent, peck, skin, single

Прочтите вслух следующие слова, объясните правила чтения:

knife, know, knock, knave, knee, knit, knew, knot, rule, blue, flute, rude, ruby, allude

speech, crack, drone, stuff, traffic, gate, gust, bigger, log, egg, germ, high, jjig, just, kite, bring, quest, quick, race,  cane, cinders, cut, care, mere, tire, cure, stir, burn, arm, lore, port

Английские тексты для чтения с заданиями 2 класс

1. Прочитай  рассказ и ответь на вопросы.


It is a blue rabbit. Its name is Bunny. It likes its name. It lives in forest. It is five. Bunny is not big but it is strong and brave. Bunny is nice and funny. It can run and jump. It can’t swim and skate.



 to live in the forest — жить в лесу


 strong — сильный

 brave – смелый

nice- хороший

 funny – смешной

run- бегать

jump – прыгать

 skate — кататься на коньках

 swim — плавать


1. Is Bunny a rabbit?

2. Is Bunny a black cat?

3. Is it seven?

4.  Is it strong and brave?

5. Can Bunny swim?

2. Прочитай рассказ и выполни задания

On the farm.

Tim is a farmer. He has six pets. He has five black dogs and one grey horse. His horse lives on the farm. It is very strong. It is nice too. It can run and jump well. Tim’s dogs are not big. They are not strong but they are very brave. They like to go to the forest with Tim.


a farmer – фермер

He has- у него есть

pet- домашнее животное

grey- cерый

horse — лошадка

to live on the farm – жить на ферме

strong- сильная

nice- хорошая

brave – храбрый

to go to the forest – ходить в лес


1. Заполни пропуски словами из рассказа.

    Tim is ____________.

    He has ____ dogs and ______ horse.

    His horse is very ________.

    It can run and _______.

    Tim’s dogs are not big and strong but they _________.

2. Прочитай предложения и исправь, если это необходимо.

     Tim is a doctor.

     He has three white dogs and one gray elephant.

     His horse lives in the house.

     Tim has big cats.

     His cats like to go to the park.

3. Прочитай текст и выполни задания.

Nick’s cat.

Nick has got a cat. Nick’s cat’s name is Pippy. Nick’s cat is big and nice. It is black and white. It eats meat and fish. Nick’s cat drinks milk. Pippy can run and jump. Nick teaches Pippy to swim but it can’t swim. Nick teaches Pippy to sing but it can’t sing.




nice – красивый

eat — кушать

meat – мясо

fish- рыба

drink — пить

teach – учить

sing- петь


1. Сопоставь вопрос и ответ.

    Has Nick got a cat?                       Yes, he has

    Has Nick got a dog?                     Yes, it is

    Is Pippy a cat?                               No, he hasn’t

    Can Pippy run?                             No, it can’t

    Can Pippy swim?                           Yes, it can

2. Переведите слова и словосочетания, используя текст.


  большой и красивый,

  пить молоко,

  кушать мясо,

  учить плавать,

  учить петь,


3. Ответь на вопрос.

    Have you got a cat?


Farm animals

This is a dog. The dog is small. The dog is black. It says, «Woof-woof».

This is a cat. The cat is small. It is red. The cat says, «Mew-mew».

This is a pig. The pig is big. It is pink. The pig says, «Oink-oink».

This is a hen. The hen is small The hen is red. It says, «Cluck-cluck».  

This is a cow. The cow is big. It is brown. The cow says, «Moo-moo».

This is a duck. The duck is small. It says, «Quack-quack».             

This is a sheep. The sheep is white. It is big. It says, «Bah-bah».


This is -это

Small- маленький


Say- сказать



Ex.1. Подчеркни слова, которые есть в тексте.

The dog, the cat, the pig, the hen, the cow, the duck, the wolf, a farmer

Ex.2. Впиши буквы.

C_w, h_n, d_g, p_g, c_t.

Ex.3. Дополни предложения, подбирая слова  big или small

The pig and the cow are ______.

The cat and the dog are _______.

The hen and the duck are _______.

Ex.4. Переведи на английский.

Ферма — _______,

Розовый — _______,

Белый — _______,

Маленький —

Ex.5. Oтгадай загадки.

It is big. It is brown. It says “Moo-moo”. This is a _________.

It is little. It is yellow. It can swim. This is a _________.

It is big. It is pink. It says “Oink-oink”. This is a _________.

Материал для обучения чтению на английском языке_2 класс

Ant, and, cat, lamp, bed, bet, dog, doll, egg, leg, pet, net, met, flag, flask, fan, Tim, Frank, glass, bag, gun, mug, horse, ink, jug, jump, kangaroo, book, look, man, it, nest, Matt, orange, pin, queen, has

Sun, house, mouse, tree, Natalie, vest, van, vet, window, willow, wet, swam, swim, box, fox, oxen, xylophone, yacht, yellow, yell, rabbit, fish, dolphin, ship, oil, can, sit, stand, it, Nat, Sophie

It, will, be, rest, sand, rat, Ann, pan, pen, hen, ham, Pam, Pat, Patrick, cam, scam, red, Ned, tell, Lillie, room, sister, Nick, help, has, doll, well, rest, best, just, sat, happy, melon, lemon, end, test, jacket, June, Jim

Rat, net, can, cab, bat, let, set, pet, pat, sat, sap, Sam, jam, and, stand, clap, step, run, sun, bun, nun, jump, stud, just, berry, Jerry, merry, Larry, carry, sham, shed, shell, chest, chant, chat, chest, chum.


/x/ / eI /

cat cake

fat snake

hat lake

bat plane

black Jane

can name

hand plate

Dan Dave

man make

and take

has Jake

Pam rake

Cat, snake, hat, Pam, has, Jake, lake, make, hand, take, plate, Dan,

Dave, cake, name, fat, black, bat, can, plane, man, rake

E e

/i:/ /e/

we zebra

me seven

be desk

he men

she ten

Pete Ken

Eve red

Steve egg

We, me, Ken, hen, ten, pen, Pete, dress, elf, egg, Eve, she, seven,

he, bed, pen, hen, Steve

Ee, ea

Tree free

week leak

weak beast

meek seek

clean seam

see sea

beet sheep

meet bean

meat lean

cheek heal

east scream

steam seem

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!

I i

/ I / / aI /

milk Mike

pink pike

Kim kite

Sit like

Big five

Swim write

Rich ride

Is five

Sister white

Kitten nine

Little I

Milk, Mike, pink, pike, Kim, sit, kite, like, big, five, swim, write,

rich, is, ride, five, sister, white, kitten, nine, little, listen, ice, I


/qu/ /P/

home frog

bone dog

rose stop

go hot

photo got

nose not

Tony Donna

ghost shop

Home, frog, Donna, shop, nose, photo, not, got, dog, rose, go,

Tony, ghost, bone, stop


/u/ /u:/

look too

book zoo

took cool

hook pool

good room

wood spoon

brook soon

cook moon

rook food

foot school

U u

/ju:/ /A/ /u/

pupil nut put

cute but pull

computer drum bush

use sun bull

excuse fun pull

due run full

music bus sugar

cube puppy pudding

tube Russia pussy cat

pursue dull truth

rescue sun true

duty uncle blue

unit lunch June

statue Sunday July

Pupil, nut, but, cute, put, computer, use, drum, uncle, full, sun, sugar, excuse,

due, fun, bush, run, bus, pudding, music, cube, lunch, Russia, tube, truth,

puppy, June, pussy cat

Y y

/ I / / aI /

baby fly

Teddy my

pretty bye

family sky

/ j /

lady yes

Mary yellow

country you

city your

Peggy yesterday

Baby, city, fly, my, yes, yellow, Teddy, Mary, yesterday, you, your, Peggy, family, bye, sky, country, lady

sh ch th ph

sheep chick thumb dolphin

ship cheese thimble elephant

she chocolate this photo

shoot chat that Phil

cash rich three phone

dish peach math Sophie

shine bench birthday phrase

shelf chamber month paragraph

English French tooth

wash church these

sharpener catch those

finish watch mouth

Sophie, three, French, English, cash, paragraph, those, rich, chocolate, she, this, photo, that, cheese, elephant, shelf, finish, these, paragraph, catch, watch, dish, sheep, ship

/ W / (/E: /)

ir ur er

sir сэр, господин

fir ель

third третий

shirt рубашка

bird птица

dirt грязь

girl девочка, девушка

birth рождение

first первый

skirt юбка

circle круг

firmly крепко

urge понуждать

fur мех

demur сомневаться

burn жечь, гореть

hurt повредить, ушибить

nurse няня; сиделка

curve кривая

surface поверхность

purpose намерение

furniture мебель

disturb беспокоить

her её

term срок, период

verse стихи, поэзия

serve служить

service обслуживание

verb глагол

perfect совершенный

German немецкий

insert вставлять

external внешний

prefer предпочитать

defer медлить

Sir, urge, her, fir, fur, term, third, demur, verse, shirt, burn, serve, bird, hurt, service, dirt, verb, girl, nurse, perfect, birth, curve, German, first, surface, insert, skirt, purpose, external, circle, furniture, prefer, firmly, disturb, defer

she она

shelf полка

shirt рубашка

shop магазин

shock удар, толчок

show показывать

shoulder плечо

bush куст

push толкать

fish рыба

wish желать

finish кончать

washer мойщик

mushroom гриб

children дети

chess шахматы

chief начальник

change менять(ся)

rich богатый

each каждый

beach пляж, берег

teach обучать

peach персик

such такой

match спичка

switch выключатель

She, bush, children, beach, shelf, chess, push, teach, shirt, chief, fish, peach, shop, change, finish, such, shock, wish, rich, match, shoulder, each, washer, switch, mushroom


/h/ /w/

who what

whose where

whom when

whole why









Who, what, whose, where, whom, when, why, whole, which, white, wheel, wharf, whale, while, whine, whisper

Урок «Упражнения по английскому языку 1-2 класс»

  1. Грамматические упражнения

1) Вставь артикль a или an

1. __ book
2. __ aunt
3. __ father
4. __ puppy
5. __ engineer
6. __ toy
7. __ elephant
8. __ bird
9. __ teacher
10. __ uncle

2) Вставь нужную форму have либо has

1. I _____ got a mother and a father.
2. I ____ not got an uncle and an aunt.
3. Ann _____ got a bird and an elephant.
4. She ____ not got a ball.
5. Jack ____ got a toy bear.
6. I ____ got a sister.
7. Alice ____ got a brother and a sister.
8. He ____ not got a yellow bird.
9. Sam _____ got a blue car and a red ball.
10. I ____ got a toy.

3) Вставь нужную форму глагола To be

1. She ____ a doctor.
2. Jane ____ from America.
3. His name ____ Willy.
4. ____ Ann a pupil?
5. I ____ not a cosmonaut.

4) Вставь нужную форму глагола To Be — быть

1. We……… pupils.
2. They…….. doctors.
3. …….. she a pilot?
4. You…….. not a teacher.
5. …….. Tom a driver? No he…….

5) Вставь нужную форму глагола To Be

1. The cats ____ red.
2. ____ the dog black?
3. The ducks ____ yellow.
4. What colour ____ the puppy?
5. The kittens ____ brown.

6) Вставь do либо does

1. ______ I like to play tag?
2. ______ Jack like to play hide-and-seek?
3. ______you jump?
4. ______ Ann run?
5. ______ they like to play with a dog?
6. ______ she like to play with toys?
7. ______your sister like to play leap-frog?
8. ______ I want to be a doctor?
9. ______ he want to be a teacher?
10. ______ we like to skip?

7) Вставь do либо don’t

1. ………….. you want to be a teacher? Yes, I………….
2. …………. they play with dogs? No, they………………
3. …………. you like toys? Yes, I……………..
4. …………. you want to be doctors? No, we…………..
5. …………. they like to jump? Yes, they……………

8) Заполни пропуски

1. Do you play tag? Yes, I _________
2. Does your sister like her doll? No, she _____
3. Does Ann play with a ball? Yes, she _______
4. Do they like blue birds? No, they _________
5. Does Bob want to play? Yes, he _______

  1. Лексические упражнения

1) Прочитай и выпиши слова в столбики :(Цвета Животные Цифры Профессии Игрушки Игры)

Bird, policeman, ball, seven, pilot, yellow, monkey, engineer, one, leap-frog, three, elephant, four, bear, worker, black, brown, six, puppy, tag, white, kitten, duck, red, five, green, cat, dog, driver, blue, orange, cosmonaut, hop-scotch, teacher, grey, doctor, two, hide-and- seek, toy, doll

2) Скажи по-английски

1. Меня зовут Helen. ____________________
2. Я живу в Великобритании. ____________________
3. Я ученица____________________
4. У меня есть семья. ____________________
5. У меня есть подруга____________________
6. Её зовут Jane____________________
7. У меня есть игрушки____________________
8. Я люблю играть с игрушками. ____________________
9. У нас есть жёлтая утка и красный мяч. ____________________
10. Он любит играть с серым слоном. ____________________

  1. 3) Скажи по-английски

1. один красный мяч ________________________
2. два коричневых щенка ____________________
3. три жёлтых птички _______________________
4. четыре синих игрушки _____________________
5. пять чёрных кошек _______________________
6. шесть белых котят ________________________
7. семь зелёных кукол ________________________
8. восемь серых слонов ________________________
9. девять жёлтых мячей ________________________
10. десять чёрных собак ________________________

4) Допиши буквы


Тренажер по чтению для 2 класса (английский язык, УМК Spotlight 2)

Тренажер по чтению № 2

1. Прочитайте и найдите в словах букву, которая обозначает гласный звук, указанный в начале каждой строки.

[æ]: cat, ant, flag, lamp, daddy, rabbit, black, grandma,

grandpa, candles, happy, sad.

[ɒ]: dog, box, dolphin, orange.

[e]: bed, bedroom, red, yellow, egg, elephant, vest, nest,

seven, ten, eight.

[Ι]: ink, pin, zip, window, fish, ship, chick, thimble,

kitchen, living room, six.

[Λ]: mummy, umbrella, Chuckles, jug, thumb.

2. Прочитайте слова. Обратите внимание на транскрипцию.

i [Ι] a [æ] o [ɒ]

3. u [Λ]

4. е [e]

5. sh [ʃ]

6. ch [tʃ]

7. ph [f]

photo dolphin elephant

Английский. Тесты по чтению для 2 класса.

Сегодня предлагаю вам подборку разноплановых тестов для чтения для 2-го класса. Тесты не сложные. Их можно использовать как для развития навыков чтения в начальной школе, так и для проверки этих самых навыков во 2 классе. При выполнении заданий во 2-м классе тексты у учащихся не забираются.  Если вы используете данный материал в 3-м классе. После 5-10 минут ознакомления текст можно забрать и выдать бланки с заданиями.

Reading tests для второго класса.

Тест по чтению для 2 класса. #1.

Тема: about myself, pets

Прочитай текст и выполни задания к нему.

I’m Greg. I’m nine. I have got a nice red cat. It can jump and run. But I haven’t got a dog, and I’m sad. This is Rob. He is three. He has got a little yellow fish. The fish is nice. It can swim. Rob is happy. This is Jillian. She has got four little kittens. Jillian is happy, too.

Задания к тексту.

Ex.1. Подчеркни слова, которые есть в тексте.

Greg, sad, snake, nice, Ann, jump, apple, nine, funny

Ex.2. Дополни предложения в соответствии с текстом.

  1. Greg has got а                               a) little white kitten b) nice red cat c) little red fish
  2. It can .                                             a) jump b) swim c) run
  3. Rob is .                                           a) nine b) five c) three    d) seven
  4. Ron has got                                  a) nice little kitten b) big black cat c) little yellow fish
  5. Jillian has got                              a) three little kittens b) a nice little kitten  c) four little kittens

Ex.3. Ответь на вопросы. Дай краткие ответы в соответствии с текстом.

Образец: Is Greg nine? — Yes, he is.

  1. Has Greg got a nice black cat? ____________________
  2. Is Greg happy? ____________________
  3. Is the fish big and green? ____________________


Тест по чтению для 2 класса. #2.

Тема: about myself, pets

Прочитай текст и выполни задания к нему.

This is Anna. She is little. She is five. Anna has got a cat. It is a big cat. This is Katrin. She is little, too. She is six. She has got a chick. It’s a nice chick. This is Jackie. He isn’t little. He is big. He is nine. He has got a kitten. It is a funny little kitten.

Ex.1. Подчеркни слова, которые есть в тексте.

Five, nice, Jill, little, six, kitten, seven, Jackie, funny

Ex.2. Впиши пропущенные буквы.

C_t, f_t, kit_en, chi_k, b_g.

Ex.3. Подбери к русским словам английские слова из текста.

у Ани есть _____________

смешной _____________


толстый _____________         

красивый _____________      

Ex.4. Выбери и обведи номера предложений, которые есть в тексте.

  1. Anna has got a cat.
  2. It’s a big fat cat.
  3. Katrin is little, too.
  4. Katrin has got a kitten.
  5. Jackie has got a kitten.
  6. It’s a funny little kitten.
  7. Составь рассказ о Кате по образцу.

This is Mary. Mary is big. She is nine. Mary has got a chick. It’s a nice little chick.

Текст для чтения по английскому языку для 2 класса. #3.

Тема: животные, на ферме.

Farm animals

This is a dog. The dog is small. The dog is black. It says, «Woof-woof».

This is a cat. The cat is small. It is red. The cat says, «Mew-mew».

This is a pig. The pig is big. It is pink. The pig says, «Oink-oink».

This is a hen. The hen is little. The hen is red.

It says, «Cluck-cluck».  

This is a cow. The cow is big. It is brown. The cow says, «Moo-moo».

This is a duck. The duck is little. It says, «Quack-quack».             

This is a sheep. The sheep is white. It is big. It says, «Bah-bah».

Ex.1. Подчеркни слова, которые есть в тексте.

The dog, the cat, the pig, the hen, the cow, the duck, the wolf, a farmer

Ex.2. Впиши буквы.

C_w, h_n, d_g, p_g, c_t.

Ex.3. Дополни предложения, подбирая слова  big или little

  1. The pig and the cow are ______.
  2. The cat and the dog are _______.
  3. The hen and the duck are _______.

Ex.4. Переведи на английский.

  • Ферма — _______,
  • Розовый — _______,
  • Белый — _______,
  • Маленький —

Ex.5. Oтгадай загадки.

It is big. It is brown. It says “Moo-moo”. This is a _________.

It is little. It is yellow. It can swim. This is a _________.

It is big. It is pink. It says “Oink-oink”. This is a _________.

Надеюсь, вам понравились эти задания по чтению для 2-го класса.

Понравилось? Сохраните на будущее и поделитесь с друзьями!

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