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Задания на аудирование по английскому 4 класс – Аудирование для 3-4 класса. Addam family

Контроль аудирования(английский язык 4 класс)

Текст к аудированию. 4 класс.

Jane is my friend. She is twelve. She lives in London with her big family. Jane has got a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. Her father’s name is Dave and he is forty five. Dave is a mechanic. He works at the garage and fixes cars. Jane’s mother Ann is a teacher. She works at school and teaches pupils English. She is forty two. Jane’s parents work five times a week. They go to work at seven o’clock. Jane’s brothers are Peter and Sam. They are twenty one. Peter and Sam are students at the University. They don’t work. They go to study at half past nine. Jane’s sister Ann is five. She doesn’t go to school. She is very funny. Jane is a pupil. She goes to school every day at a quarter to eight. She likes animals and wants to be a vet.


1) True/false

1. Jane has got a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. _______

2. Jane’s father’s name is Dave and he is forty._______

3. Jane’s mother Ann is a teacher._______

4. Jane’s brothers Peter and Sam are doctors.________

5. Jane likes animals and wants to be a vet._________

2) Match!

A doctor to grow vegetables and fruit

A mechanic to teach pupils

A farmer to sell vegetables and fruit

A greengrocer to help sick people

A teacher to fix cars

3) Where do they work?

school farm hospital

post office greengrocer’s

theater baker’s café

garage station garden

A waiter works at a__________________.

A postman works at a_________________.

A teacher works at __________________.

A baker works at a___________________.

An actor works at a __________________.

4) What’s the time?

A quarter past one — _______ A quarter to three — _______ Two o’clock — ________

Half past four — _________ A quarter to eight — _________

5) Make the sentences.

1. My brother/ go to bed/ 10.30


2. My parents/ have lunch/ ________


3. My grandma/read a book/ ________


4. My friends/ come home/_________


5. My dad/ watch TV/ _________



1) True/false

1. Jane has got a mother, a father, one brother and two sisters. _______

2. Jane’s father’s name is Dave and he is forty five. _______

3. Jane’s mother Ann works at a hospital._______

4. Jane’s brothers Peter and Sam are students.________

5. Jane likes to bake cakes and wants to be a baker._________

2) Match!

A teacher to grow vegetables and fruit

A mechanic to teach pupils

A farmer to serve drinks and food

A waiter to help sick people

A nurse to fix cars

3) Where do they work?

school farm hospital

post office greengrocer’s

theater baker’s café

garage station garden

A mechanic works at a_________________.

A driver works at a_________________.

A teacher works at __________________.

A farmer works at a___________________.

A nurse works at a __________________.

4) What’s the time?

A quarter to ten — _______ A quarter past one — _______ Four o’clock — ________

Half past twelve — _________ A quarter to six — _________

5) Make the sentences.

1. I/ go to school/ 7.45


2. My cats/ have lunch/ ________


3. My mum/go to bed/ ________


4. My friend/do homework/_________


5. My parents/ watch TV/ _________


Аудирование.Олимпиада по английскому языку в 4 классе

Тексты для аудирования.

Вы сейчас будете выполнять тест по аудированию. Во время его выполнения перед каждым заданием дана пауза с тем, чтобы вы смогли просмотреть вопросы к заданию, а также паузы после первичного и вторичного предъявления аудиотекста для внесения ответов. По окончании выполнения всего раздела «Аудирование» перенесите свои ответы в бланк ответов.

Задание В1

Now we are ready to start.

Dialogue 1.

  • Alex, where were you on Friday?

  • I visited my grandma and grandpa.

  • Did you help them in the garden?

  • No, my grandpa repaired my bike.

Dialogue 2.

  • Alex, what did you do on Saturday?

  • I was in the kitchen in the morning.

  • In the kitchen? But why?

  • My mum had a birthday on Saturday. I made a big banana cake for her.

  • Really, did your mother like it?

  • Yes, she said it was wonderful.

Dialogue 3.

  • What about Sunday, Alex?

  • Oh, I went to the country on Sunday.

  • Did you go with your mum and dad?

  • Yes, and we had a picnic there.

Dialogue 4.

  • Alex, did you go to the park Tuesday afternoon?

  • No, I was at home.

  • What did you do?

  • I did my homework all Tuesday afternoon. I had a lot of homework.

Задание А1 – А7.

The 1st woman: The weather is fine. There are a lot of children in the park. But where are the girls?

The 2nd woman: They are at the table.

The 1st woman: At the table? I can`t see them.

The 2nd woman: They have green dresses on.

The 1st woman: Oh, I see them. But where is Helen? Where is Betsy?

The 2nd woman: Betsy`s got a camera. She likes to take photos.

The 1st woman: And Helen?

The 2

nd woman: She likes to eat ice – cream very much.

You have 15 seconds to complete the task. (Pause 15 seconds.)

Now you will hear the text again. (Repeat.)

This is the end of the task. Now you have 15 seconds to check your answers.

Тест по иностранному языку (4 класс) по теме: Диагностическая работа по английскому языку 4 класс Spotlight

Диагностическая работа по английскому языку ученика (цы) 4 класса

  1. Аудирование.

Задание 1.

Вы услышите 4 коротких рассказа, обозначенных буквами A, B, C, D. Определите  профессию говорящего в каждом тексте. Ответы впишите в таблицу. Вы услышите текст 2 раза.

  1. a football player
  2. a teacher
  3. a housewife
  4. a musician







Задание 2.

Прослушайте текст и подчеркните нужное слово. Вам дается 30 секунд, чтобы прочитать 5 вопросов и варианты ответов. (Пауза). Ты услышишь текст 2 раза.

1. How old is Helen Brown?                                            ten / nine

2. When is her birthday?                                                  on Monday / on Sunday

3. When does her birthday party start?                            at 1 o’clock / at 2 o’clock

4. What present did she get from her

    Parents?                                                                        a CD player / a bicycle

  1. What present will she get from her school

Friends?                                                                      books / videos

  1. Чтение – письмо.


Задание 1.

Переведите слова и запишите их.


1. Почтальон                                                       ________________________.

2. Ананас                                                            _________________________.

3. Крокодил                                                        _________________________.

4. второй                                                             _________________________.

5. злой                                                                 _________________________.

6. испуганный                                                    _________________________.

7. больница                                                         _________________________.

8. бегемот                                                            _________________________.

9. смешнее                                                          _________________________.

10. кататься на коньках                                     _________________________.

Задание 2.

Прочитайте каждое предложение. Выберите в скобках правильный вариант и подчеркните его.

Пример: 0. Where (does / do) you study?


  1. Look! Peter (dances / is dancing).
  2. (Are / Can) you play the violin?
  3. (Do you have to / Can you) wear a uniform at school?
  4. Mr Brown always (is going / goes) to the café on Saturday.
  5. Do you need (much / many) sugar in your tea?
  6. There are (a lot of / many) chocolate on the cake.
  7.  An elephant is (fatter / fat) than a giraffe.
  8. (Must / May) I take your pen?
  9. Where is Ann? She (is reading / reads) a book in her bedroom.
  10. This is my (fifteen / fifteenth) birthday.

Задание 3.

Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы. ВНИМАНИЕ! НЕ ПИШИТЕ ПОЛНЫЙ ОТВЕТ!


A Travelling Frog.

Useful words

active – энергичный, активный  

together – вместе

stick – палка

end – конец

This is a frog. Her name is Lily. She lives in a lake. She is very active. Lily swims, plays, jumps every day. But most of all she likes travelling. Every day she travels to another lake to visit her friends Pat and Pit. They are big white birds. Now Pat, Pit and Lily are having breakfast together. It’s time to play games. They are happy!

One day her friends say that they are going to fly to a warm country because it’s cold. Lily wants to go to a warm country with them but frogs can’t fly. How can she get there? She can go by bus, by train or by plane. But she hasn’t got a ticket. Lily has got a plan. She asks Pit and Pat to take her to the warm country. Lily puts a stick into her mouth. Pat takes one end of the stick and Pit takes the other end of the stick and they fly to the warm country. Lily mustn’t speak.

Two girls see the birds. One girl says, “Oh! Look! What have the birds got? Isn’t it a chicken?”

“No, I’m not a chicken! I am a frog,” says Lily and falls down.

Answer the questions.

1. Where does the frog live? ___________________________________________

2. How many friends has Lily got? ______________________________________

3. What are their names? ______________________________________________

4. What do they do in the morning? _____________________________________

5. What does Lily like most of all? ______________________________________

6. How can she get to a warm country? __________________________________

7. Does Lily get to the warm country? ___________________________________

Задание 4.

Прочитайте фразы A-F в левой колонке. Подберите к каждой фразе ответную реплику 1 – 6 из правой колонки. Впишите каждую цифру в пропуск.

Пример: A) Introduce me to your friend, Tom!   _4_          1) Yes, that’s right.

B) Would you like milk with your tea?                ___          2) A month ago.

C) It’s a lovely day!                                              ___          3) Yes, please.

D) It was very nice of you to help me.                  ___         4) Ann, this is my mother,

                                                                                                  Mrs. White.

E) How are you?                                                   ___          5) Very well, Thank you.

F) When did you come back?                               ___          6) My pleasure.


  1. Аудирование.


Задание 1.












Задание 2.

  1. ten
  2. on Sunday
  3. at 2 o’clock
  4. a bicycle
  5. books
  1. Чтение – письмо.

Задание 1.                                           Задание 3.

  1. post officer                         1. in a lake
  2. pineapple                            2. two
  3. crocodile                             3. Pat and Pit
  4. second                                 4. have breakfast and play games
  5. angry                                   5. travelling
  6. scared                                  6. flies with Pat and Pit
  7. hospital                                7. No, she doesn’t
  8. hippo
  9. funnier
  10. skate

Задание 2.                                             Задание 4.


  1. is dancing                            B – 3
  2. Can                                      C – 1
  3. Do you have to                    D – 6
  4. goes                                     E – 5
  5. much                                    F – 2
  6. a lot of
  7. fatter
  8. May
  9. is reading
  10. fifteenth

Английский язык Контроль аудирования 4 класс

Контроль аудирования и письма в 4 классе Дата: 17.05.2017

Цель урока: проверить качество навыков аудирования и письма учеников;

Предметные результаты: совершенствование навыков аудирования и письма.

Личностные результаты: самоконтроль и коррекция собственных действий, направленных на достижение цели.

Метапредметные результаты: уметь самостоятельно намечать пути достижения цели, соотносить свои действия с планируемыми результатами.

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями

Ход урока

1. Оргмомент

— Hello, students! How are you? Are you ready for the lesson? Sit down, please.

2. Фонетическая разминка

— Repeat after me: no need to light a night light on a light night like tonight. (повторяют все хором, а потом – по одному)

3. Целеполагание

— Сегодня, ребята, вы напишите контрольную работу по аудированию. (учитель напоминает, что собой представляет данный вид деятельности) Я желаю вам удачи, однако сначала давайте вспомним, что мы с вами уже выучили. Что мы добавляем к правильному глаголу в прошедшем времени? Переведите предложение: Моя сестра играла вчера. Правильно. А если предложение отрицательное/вопросительное? Переведите Моя сестра не играла вчера/ Моя сестра играла вчера? Что происходит с неправильным глаголом в прошедшем времени? Верно.


4. Выполнение заданий по аудированию

Listen to the text and then choose a right answer

(Учитель читает текст и дети по предложениям переводят; учитель снова читает текст, после этого ученики выполняют задания)

Good morning, class, and welcome to the zoo! Today is a sunny Thursday. My name is David Edwards and I am the zoo keeper. I am glad to welcome the children from school in Manchester. Today, the tenth of April, is a special day! We have a new baby tiger. Her name is Ellie and she was born three weeks ago. Usually Ellie eats meat. Her mother Martha is a good mother and plays with Ellie a lot. They like to play football. Ellie is very friendly!

1) The children are visiting the zoo on…

a. Friday

b. Thursday

c. Sunday

2) David Edwards is the…

a. zoo keeper

b. teacher

c. football player

3) The children are from school in…

a. Cardiff

b. London

c. Manchester

4) The baby tiger name is…

a. Ellie

b. Bell

c. Mary

5) Ellie usually eats…

a. grass

b. ice-cream

c. meat

5. Выполнение письменных заданий

1 Complete

the sentences

1) On Sunday we (play) computer games.


2) I (not cook) supper last night.


3) My father (walk) to work because there weren’t any buses.


4) She (dance) at the party last Friday?


5) Students (listen) to beautiful music yesterday.


2 Write the past simple of these verbs












6. Подведение итогов

— Give me your tests for checking. The lesson is over, good bye!

Тесты для аудирования 4 класс, учебник Верещагина

Listening Comprehension Lesson

No 21. Listen to the text “Better Late Than Never” and try to understand it.

Task 1. Agree/ disagree.

  1. The two little brothers were walking home.

  2. It was half past eight.

  3. The foxes ran to the river.

  4. The foxes thought at all about their classroom, their desks, pens, pencils, their books and their lessons.

  5. They didn’t want to play outdoors.

Task 2. Choose the right variant.

  1. It was a) Monday b) Tuesday c) Wednesday

  2. They walked slowly for a) 10 b) 8 c) 20 minutes.

  3. But Finy said, “We can have so much fun a) in the forest, b) at school, c) in the country.

  4. They swam in the a) lake b) river c) sea.

  5. All the subjects were very a) difficult b) important c) simple.

No 35. Listen to the text “A Strange ‘Burglar’ in Big Mountains” and try to understand it.

Task 1. Agree/ disagree.

  1. At the end of November they were on the way to Big Mountains to spend Thanksgiving there

  2. There were three of them

  3. The mountains were so beautiful.

  4. There was not a large house in front of them with a big chimney at the back wall.

  5. The kitchen was big and nice

Task 2. Choose the right variant.

  1. The Jackson family lived in a) town b) the country c) Big Mountains

  2. The family went to Big Mountains by a) plane b) car c) train.

  3. There was a) a small apple garden b) a big pear garden c) a big apple garden.

  4. The a)red b) orange c) blue curtains made the sitting room comfortable.

  5. There was a table and a) three b) five c) four chairs in the kitchen too.

No 48. Listen to the text “Don’s Letter to His Friend” and try to understand it.

Task 1. Agree/ disagree.

  1.  Many people write letters to friends in other countries.

  2. His name is Don.

  3. He lives in England.

  4. His house is in the old part of the town.

  5. His town is big.

Task 2. Choose the right variant.

  1. People often write about their a) friends b) families c) pets.

  2. He lives in a a) small house far from the town centre b) big house far from the town centre c) small house not far from the town centre

  3. The streets in his town are a) not very wide b) not very beautiful c) small.

  4. You can see a) a theatre b) a lot of trees c) an old square tower in that part.

  5. You can hear bell ring a) once a day b) every day c) twice a day.

No 60. Listen to the text “Robbie’s Grandfather” and try to understand it.

Task 1. Agree/ disagree.

  1.  My grandfather lives in the South of England

  2. He never forgets anything and explains his subject very well.

  3. My grandad likes travelling most of all.

  4. He doesn’t like voyages.

  5. Last year he travelled to Scotland.

Task 2. Choose the right variant.

  1. He is nearly a) 50 b) 60 c) 16.

  2. He is a a) Maths b) English c) Russian teacher.

  3. He gets off the bus a) 8.30 b) 7.30 c) 8.

  4. He nearly missed his a) bus b) plane c) train because he arrived late.

  5. Somebody stole his favourite silver a) books b) box c) spoon.

No 72. Listen to the text “TV Interview” and say what hobbies Mr Davis had.

Task 1. Agree/ disagree.

  1. It’s two o’clock and we begin our afternoon programme “Meeting with Famous People”

  2. He will tell you some interesting facts about his life.

  3. I was a great collector of different things.

  4. In summer I swam a lot and became a school champion.

  5. Then one day I had an idea to write a story about my cat.

Task 2. Choose the right variant.

  1. Mr Frank Davis is a famous a) children’s writer b) musician c) doctor.

  2. At the age of a) ten b) eleven c) twelve I became fond of sports.

  3. In the 5th form I became a a) cinema-goer b)theatre-goer c) champion.

  4.  When I was finishing school my parents bought me a a) computer b) dog c) book.

  5. His first story was a) clever b) short c) interesting.

Аудирование 4 класс | УЧИ АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ДОМА


‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-516:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-15:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-357:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-230:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-27:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-123:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-125:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-135:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-130:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-132:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-129:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-124:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-126:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-131:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-127:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-116:5’] = ‘
  • actions
  • colors
  • food
  • functions
  • holidays
  • nature
  • numbers
  • people
  • places and objects
  • toys
  • ‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-6:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-481:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-261:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-251:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-280:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-250:5’] = ‘
  • Companies
  • Problems
  • Work
  • ‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-7:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-65:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-146:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-239:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-160:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-223:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-22:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-244:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-12:5’] = ‘
  • Berenstain Bears
  • Caillou
  • Ruffus the Dog
  • The Baby Triplets
  • Чарли и Лола
  • ‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-5:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-345:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-392:5’] = ‘
  • Степени сравнения прилагательных
  • ‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-393:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-331:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-386:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-296:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-224:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-196:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-287:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-521:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-85:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-209:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-278:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-282:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-234:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-391:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-32:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-304:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-78:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-37:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-276:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-73:5’] = ‘
  • Указательные местоимения
  • ‘; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-201:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-174:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-169:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-288:5’] = »; collapsItems[‘collapsCat-3:5’] = ‘

    Дополнительные задания по аудированию к учебнику английского языка для 4-го класса

    Разделы: Иностранные языки

    Listening Task No 3 “Pets” 4th forms

    Underline the correct answer – True or False

    Part 1

    1. People don’t keep animals as pets True False
    2. People look after them, teach them different tricks, buy them tasty food True False
    3. The most favourite pets are kittens and cats, puppies and dogs True False
    4. No people keep parrots and other birds at home True False
    5. People never have more than one pet True False

    Part 2

    6. Sometimes wild animals can become pets too True False
    7. People never find little animals in the forests, fields, mountains True False
    8. It is very easy to take care of little cubs, everybody knows how to do it True False
    9. Wild animals stay with people in their homes when they grow up True False
    10. Sometimes people give them to the zoos or they can become actors in the circus True False

    Listening Task No 4 “Christmas” 4th forms

    Listen and write the missing words in the gaps:

    On the (1) of December we got up early. It was still (2) . I ran to my mother and looked under the Christmas (3) . Santa Claus with his bag was not there but his presents (4) . They were under the Christmas tree in coloured (5) . I opened my present – a beautiful doll with large blue (6) . She wore a white dress. I also got a (7) .

    Late in the afternoon we had a traditional (8) of turkey with vegetables and salads. We also had biscuits and fruit. During the day we watched Christmas (9) and played with our new (10) .

    Listening Task 21 “Better Late Than Never” 4th forms

    Listen and circle the letter with the correct answer:

    1. One morning Finy Fox and Shiny Fox, the two little brothers were

    A. walking from school
    B. walking home
    C. walking to school

    2. They walked slowly for 10 minutes then Shiny said:

    A. Be quick, we are late
    B. Let’s go home
    C. I am tired

    3. Finy said:

    A. I want to go to school
    B. I don’t want to go to school
    C. Let’s go home

    4. So the foxes ran to the river and

    A. had a very good time there
    B. thought about school all the time
    C. did their homework

    5. Wednesday was their

    A. longest day at school
    B. shortest day at school
    C. favourite day at school

    6. The foxes

    A. wanted to study and to learn new things
    B. didn’t want to work at school

    Listening Task 25   “Pete’s House”  4th forms

    a) Listen to the text about Pete’s house and answer the questions. (See the book)

    b) Write what you remember about Pete’s house.

    Listening Task 35  “A Strange Burglar in Big Mountains”  4th forms

    Underline the correct answer – True or False

    1. The Jackson family wanted to spend Thanksgiving at home True False
    2. They went to Big Mountains by car True False
    3. The brothers were sleeping all the way True False
    4. There was a small apple garden in front of the house True False
    5. There was a large sitting room and a kitchen downstairs True False
    6. The orange curtains made the room comfortable True False
    7. The kitchen was large and nice, but here was no fridge in it True False
    8. There was a table and four chairs in the kitchen too True False
    9. The boys began to put the food in the fridge True False
    10. Everyone helped to bring different things from the car True False

    Listening Task 48 “Don’s Letter to his Friend” 4th forms

    Listen and write the missing words in the gaps:

    Many people (1) letters to friends in other countries. They often write about their famili


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